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Hi there to all you lovely brides to be.


well let me tell u where im at then see if any of u are able to help me, im getting married may/june 2012 preferrably in cancun. i went this year in may (beggining) and had THE best time ever, i stayed at the riu cancun and it was brilliant for location being on the beach/ close to nightlife and most activities and days out were really easy to organize.


while we were there we became engaged and this is why we r wanting to return, it was romantic/fun and never boring/ the food was amazing and varied from day to day/ the staff couldnt do enough for you, ur mini fridge (well normal sized fridge) in your room was stocked with beer/coke/lemonade and water every other day, room was cleaned everyday so yeah everything was spot on!!!




we saw a wedding group of 45 there throughout the holiday and they all seemed to be having a fantastic holiday, spent days together and apart which is very poss as the resort is so big. but on the day the wedding was set up just outside the doors leading to the pool areas about 5pm, which meant that people who were walking through to get to the pool in their swim attire would cut through where the wedding was going on, everyone round the pools soon swamped round the ceremony in their swim attire, then after the ceremony everyone cheered and shouted to the couple which was great but in my eyes i love the fact that u can have a great holiday there and a good laugh with everyone but would rather have a more private ceremony with my family and friends so my issues are.....








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I think you will have onlookers at almost any resort if you are getting married outside with a great ocean view.  I am looking into Dreams Cancun because you certainly won't have as much of a problem. Here is a link to their photo gallery.  Their wedding gazebo is on a point so onlookers can only watch from behind.  And there is a smaller pool behind the gazebo, but you can look at their pictures to see how far away as you can be sure they angled it to be just out of view.




The Dreams resorts are definitely family friendly and the prices are reasonable.  Hope this helps.

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Hey a fellow UK bride here ....... we are getting married in Mexico in January but you have to remember having a DW means you wont have all the people at your wedding that you want to.  Especially as you are going long haul.  We have 17 people coming which is more than we thought we would - if we had gone to Italy or Cyprus we would have had loads of people coming but we chose Mexico and have to live with the decision not all our friends and closet family will be there.  If you give people enough notice they will save the money and come you will soon get to know who will and wont come and those who are wasting your time. 


Research loads of hotels as to where the ceremony site is as we are getting married at the hotel we have visited previously and they section off the lagoon area for ceremony on the beach BUT I do have to walk around the pool area to get to it and there will be other guests watching from afar BUT again if you want a secluded private ceremony dont get married in a hotel.


All the things you are thinking about are the cons of a wedding abroad try and think of all of the pros...... a nice tan before getting married, having 2 full weeks of fun love and laughter, a wedding in a paradise setting, a week long celebration .................. the list is endless but it seems you still need to weigh up all the pros and cons.


Good luck xx

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Gate crashing this thread too, but i agree with Josie... Do lots & lots of research,you will get tons of info on here and you will find every one of your requirements im sure.... :-)


Come join in the other UK thread



We have collected a great wealth of information about a few different resorts.


You will have to prioritise what really are the most important things.....


Who said DW planning would be easy :-) x


CONGRATULATIONS by the way on your engagement xox

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ah thanks guys, its so nice to talk to others who r actually doing this kind of wedding, iv looked at the dreams hotel and it does look lovely, and the reason i want to go abroad is for the two week celebration with my close friends and family, not just one day that costs a fortune in the uk lol.....


i hate knowing about getting married so far in advance coz im hooked on looking at resorts haha, cant wait for the day though, congrats to all of u too, i just want it to be perfect like any other bride so all tips and experiences will be very much apprieciated thanks again xx

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Hi there and congratulations to everyone !!! 


Wow I can't believe so many people are already planning their weddings for 2012! I'm planning to get married in June 2012 and people at home (London) think I'm nuts talking about locations and stuff... glad to see I'm not :)


I've looked at I have to say probably every resort in mexico and cuba now.... even had a wayward day looking at Bali and Thailand. The choices are insane and trying to please everyone is impossible. I agree that prioritising what's important to you and your fiance is key... it is your day!


Right now my top choice is Grand Palladium. It just seems to have everything (love the tropical feel)... inc a catholic church. I'm not very religious but my father-in-law2be is and he keeps going on and on about a church wedding (comprimise is not my speciality but I'm trying). Is anyone else thinking of Grand Palladium? I was thinking of Azul Beach Hotel but they have ongoing building work which I don't know when will be done and it's also very small... I wandered if my guests might get bored? The carola vill next door is amazing tho!  Dreams looks lovely... I can see why you'd choose there! I think you have better choices if you don't have any children coming but as my sister-in-law2be is about ready to pop any day now it rules out a lot of places.


I was wandering... when do you all plan to actually book your 2012 wedding? I don't think you can even get a quote yet? And... THE DRESS... have you started looking/trying on? there's a designer wedding exhibition in october in London but its on again in february. Theres a wedding exhibition thing this sunday (19th september) at The Lancaster hotel, London... think its free even.

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Hi Ladies


I too am a 2012 bride, getting married in July, i started another thread called UK brides Nicy put a link to it in one of the posts above, it is a great thread with loads of UK brides on there but it is nice to have one dedicated to 2012 UK brides...sometimes it feels as though my wedding day will never come so it will be good to chat with others that are having to wait so long to.


The main TA's have told me that the prices for May 2012 onwards won't come out until April 2011 so we can't really book anything until then.


Up until a few weeks ago I did have my hotel all sorted, we were going to 'The Gran Caribe Real', which is a great 4 star family hotel and is very reasonably priced (cheaper than the Riu Cancun), it is ranked 19 on trip advisor, it was top of my list and they have beautiful ceremony locations...the reason i'm having second thoughts is because after months and months of researching and reading reviews everyday there seems to be a trend of it attracting alot of American, Canadian college kids during the months of April - September due to its location and cheaper price.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem but they come in their hundreds, which again would be fine if it was a larger hotel with large grounds, but it only has one 'adults' pool, which gets occupied all day by the entertainment staff and college kids. if I was going to party i'd definitley chose this hotel but for my wedding i'm now thinking twice.


I have looked at the Riu Cancun but was a little concerned about some of the reviews that said the sun gets blocked by about 1pm because the building is so tall...i'm now considering the Riu Palace Las America's or Dreams, but I cannot find any information on the ceremony locations at the RPLA and for some reason I can't access the Dreams website to find any info about that, so i'm kind of stuck....at the moment i feel like i'm back to square one as I don't even have a chosen hotel sad.gif i suppose the only plus side is that i have time on my side until we can book.


Anyway glad that there are other UK 2012 brides out there for support over the next 2 years.



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