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OPRAH FANS!! Calling All 2011 Brides To Be!

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This is posted on her website for last minute reservations to be in her audience. I am not sure how long this reservation window will be open but I just saw it tonight...

Good Luck!

Current Reservation Availability
We will be accepting reservation requests for September tapings on Monday, August 23, from 10 a.m. CST until 11:59 p.m. CST. You may submit your request at any time within the reservation window; all requests have an equal chance of being selected. Seats will be filled by a random selection process once the window has closed.
 Are you a recently engaged woman who is planning her upcoming wedding next year? Have you been dreaming about walking down the aisle since you were a little girl? Do you refer to all the bridal magazines to get ideas about food, flowers and decor? When is your big day? Are you having a problem finding anything specific for your wedding? The flowers?? Your wedding dress?? The cake?? Have you finalized any of the details?


If you are getting ready to tie the knot, email us your story now!

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Hello, my name is Dorothy Henderson. I am a Lesbian. I met my girlfriend online a year ago on July 3, 2011. We both got out of

bad  realtionships. We both live in Bayonne New Jersey. My girlfriends name is Dawn Cappello, I will be 49 in October, and she just

turned 40 in January. She has a mental disease, she has Schizophrenia, she takes her medication every day. She has only had one

episode since I have been with her,I helped her through it. It was a little scary but i kept talking to her to get her to remember me and

our animals. Her ex girlfriend she knew since she was like 10 or younger, stayed with her for 25 years, she thought She was going to marry her. 

 Her name was also Dawn, then 3 years ago Dawn left my Dawn for another woman from where she works, they ended up getting

married. Then my Dawn had a nervous breakdown, she walked in the rain for almost 24 hours,Her voices kept telling her to walk and look for Dawn. Well there is more but, i don't want to bore you.  Dawn deserves a Fairy Tale wedding. Her Dad died 5 years ago this July, 3 days

after his birthday. Her mom hasn't really been there for her, always looking for a new man. Dawn's mom's name is Margaret, she divorced

her 1st husband Raymond, then married another man named Ron, she moved away to Ohio from her family for him.  Then he died, so her mom moved back to Bayonne,for a few years. That's when i met Dawn online, on Speedate. So we started chatting online and talking on

the phone everyday, she asked me to be her girlfriend, of course,I said yes. So I planned on coming to see her this was last August.

Then I made the mistake of mentioning my neighbor Henry. He was my next door neighbor in my Apartment builing in New Hampshire.

So I told Dawn about him, and her mom Margaret wanted to see him on camera.  So thye saw each other, starting sending pictures

and talking on the phone everyday.


So we were all talking and we went to visit Dawn and her mother, Henry brought his ex son in law and his wife, they drove. I had to

provide the gas money, which I agreed to. So we all met, and Dawn and I hit it off right away.  So did Henry and Margaret.

To make a long story short, I ended up moving to New Jersey last September, Margaret and Henry they only knew each other 2 months

she ended up leaving her family again for a man. They live in New Hampshire.


Dawn and I are planning on getting married on January 7, 2012. She wants a nice wedding, we figure about 25 people, I really don't have

much family, but that's that. I hav e about 3000.00 dollars to spend.  I just want Dawn and my dream to come true. We do have a minister.

Maybe someone could help us by giving her and me a dream honeymoon to Hawaii, and a

little help preparing for the wedding.


I know I babbled on, but if we could get some help, she would be so happy.



Well I thank you for letting me write to you.

Whoever you choose will be lucky.

Our phone number is 201- 443-8784




Sincerely, Dottie Henderson


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