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  1. Hi, yes they are still available and I will PM you. Thanks
  2. Here are a few remaining items from my wedding. Â I will accept Paypal. Shipping not included. Â **Thanks for looking!** 1) Destination Wedding For Dummies - $10 Â 2) Destination Wedding Planner: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding from Afar - $10 Â Â 3) Tying the Knot: The Complete Wedding Organizer (Wedding Planner) [Ring-bound] - $15 * There is a crack in the cover (lower left) Â 4) Jute bags - 5x7 ORANGE JUTE BURLAP POUCH - $5 for all 10 + shipping Â
  3. This is posted on her website for last minute reservations to be in her audience. I am not sure how long this reservation window will be open but I just saw it tonight... Good Luck! Current Reservation Availability We will be accepting reservation requests for September tapings on Monday, August 23, from 10 a.m. CST until 11:59 p.m. CST. You may submit your request at any time within the reservation window; all requests have an equal chance of being selected. Seats will be filled by a random selection process once the window has closed. Are you a recently engaged woman who is planning
  4. Hi SWallace, Â Yes, they are still available. I sent you a PM. Â Thanks!!
  5. Hello, Â I accidentally deleted a private message. Is there a way to move the message from Trash back to Inbox? Â Thanks
  6. Thank you Jess! Yes, pink and orange were our wedding colors and it really 'popped' in the pictures.
  7. Hello Ladies, Â I am finally getting around to selling some of my items since my May 2010 wedding. Â Shipping is not included. Paypal only. Â Thanks for looking! Â **************************************************************************************** Â 4 Orange @ $4 each + shipping - SOLD Â Â Â SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion (1.5 grams each), 95 @ $25 + shipping - SOLD! Â Fans - I used the largest for my wedding and these were the remaining fans. They are small. The average width is 8.5" and there are 11 fans that will be sold all together (no split
  8. Hello Ladies,  I am finally getting around to selling some of my items since my May 2010 wedding.  Shipping is not included. Paypal only.  Thanks for looking!  **************************************************************************************** These beach bags are from the Oprah Store (last summer). The original price is $26, I am selling for $14 each. The colors are fuchsia and orange. Our guests LOVED these bags!  I have 10 to sell (brand new, never used) @ $14 each + shipping  Jute bags - 5x7 ORANGE JUTE BURLAP POUCH - $5 for all 10 + shipping
  9. Hi scottwashington, I got married there in May of this year and it was just beautiful! The staff go all out for you, they were simply wonderful. ALL of the guests raved about the location and most if not all said it was the best wedding/vacation they had ever had. Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I will be happy to answer. We are so happy that we had our wedding there.
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