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Moon Palace -Mari & Orion-Mayan Tradition Wedding Review Jul 2010-PRO PICS NEWLY ADDED ON PAGE 3 and 4

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Mayan Ceremony includes everything in the complimentary wedding but adds the mayan table decoration, props, floral, the shaman costs, persons to play traditional mayan music on instruments, they also have a complete sound system. We played 3 songs (2 processional and 1 recessional). The shaman and translator used the microphones.


I used the complimentary flower bouquet and buttonaire and bought my sister a hand corsage to match my bouquet for $45.

We also got the complimentary cake in which i paid $50 for the cake topping to match the roses on my bouquet.

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Here are some pictures of the flowers. The bouquet was the complimentary one. I asked for the cascading style. I also asked for all roses and gave the colors I wanted. Had I known how pink the pink roses would be, i would have dropped them and kept it to only orange and white roses. I am not a fan of pink, lol!

But overall I think it was nicely done for a free bouquet.



The corsage below was what I bought for my sister's hand. It wasn't big at all, but at the same time it was nice. Had I known the size I would have bought all the women a hand corsage to wear.




Here is another picture of my bouquet in the light if this helps to see better.




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Here were the wedding invitations. We handmade everything to try to save money. Unfortunately I ended up breaking our printer because of an unfixable paper jam and having to purchase a new one. I am not sure how much I ended up saving because of that. I could have probably bought pre-made ones for the same price as i spent making them.


We went to PAPER SOURCE to pick our paper. The paper costed about $70 I bought ribbons at $6 a roll. I bought two rolls (1 green and 1 papaya color) for $6 each.  I made a small booklet to go with each invite. It listed everything from our wedding website info, to how to book with moon palace resorts with our agent, to info on our wedding itinerary. A great idea!!!!




I bought a seal with the letter "B" for our last name from PAPER SOURCE for $24 and the seal wax for about $12. We used 4 rolls which are in one package. I also bought hot glue guns to seal because after experimenting we realized we could not use matches to create the seals the way we wanted them to look. We reverted to new technology then with the hot glue guns which i got from wal-mart for about $3 per. My hubby did the seals on all the invites.




I tore the edges of the white paper surrounding the invite by using a steel ruler and just pulling the paper (tearing) on the edges of the ruler for a clean break. I also used some of the ribbon to emboss the invitation itself, and added tiny swarovski crystals as deco on the invite. I got the crystals from a local craft store for about $10 per small bag. Each bag had about 20 crystals. I used the leftovers on the programs.



This was the mess on our floor when i began making our programs. That was a task. I printed all the programs on white cardstock and then created the cover for them out of the leftover invite paper. I bought two more spools of ribbon (1 inch thick) to finish them off and close them up. Again each spool was $6 from PAPER SOURCE. I added turquoise glitter cardstock that I found in AC Moore for $1 per sheet. I bought too many and ended up with a huge stash left which I will convert to small paper frames for sending pictures to family and friends as a thank you for coming or supporting the wedding. I figured the turquoise would match the waters in the wedding.




This the end product. I will post a picture of the inside once i find a pic of that. Our guests took over 800 photos. I am sure one captured that! haha!



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I had wanted to post this before. We had brought leftover ribbon from the invitations and programs to be put on the white chairs. Here is a pic of that. It was a great cheap alternative that matched our original theme. I bought 3 rolls of ribbon from PAPER Source at $6 each. This was able to cover 6 chairs. Their sashes didnt match and were about $3 a piece not including floral, etc.



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Everything looks really special and unque. I am very interested in the Mayan Ceromony but my WC has not gotten back to me yet. I am guessing you have to contact them about ceromony. Did they pick out the Shamon for you or were you able to use who you wanted? I know they don't allow outside vendors ,but I am guessing this isnt really a normal serice they offer.


I would love to know more about the booking process you had with this because it is so unnormal for Palace Resorts =) So if you could post on here, otherwise my email is sarakadow@yahoo.com


Thanks so much and congrats!!!!!!


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