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  1. I have been to Aventura Spa and Cove Palace and they do not have any beaches whatsoever. Moon Palace's beach is so-so, lots of seaweed. Le Blanc has a great beach but it is in the middle of a very busy Cancun strip.
  2. Aventura has no beach at all, if you are looking for a beach, MP would be the better option of those two. However for a really nice beach you might want to try Beach Palace.
  3. I would try again, ask to speak to your WC's boss. It is the low season so it seems unlikely, unless there is some type of convention going on. I know last November there was a huge summit at MP but I don't believe it was scheduled to be back. I also know MP is used for basketball tournaments for teams, if its close to Thanksgiving, there is always early season tournaments played down there, UK has stayed there the past 2 years.
  4. I was able to put mine in the VERY small closet with 2 other dresses, some 3 strollers and the flight crews clothing and suitcases..so essentially I would have been the same had it been in the overhead compartment. I was getting it steamed anyway.
  5. I was only married 10 months ago and there was no set up fee. They moved my flowers from the Chapel to the cocktail hour to the reception at no charge as well as set up my runners and starfish on each table.
  6. I believe the Lanterns are plugged in. I never asked, but I do know we had an entire strand go out so I would assume they are just essentially Christmas lights with. I should have ask for a refund or partial credit. It did annoy me a bit. We also got square table candles and steps with candles on them (there are pics on my review on the MP page) but they were battery operated which was nice b/c with the wind that evening they would have gone out instantly
  7. He did not, we had a friend announce us. I was worried that his English wouldn't have been good enough, however, it was great and he could have done it.
  8. I did the Ipod with a tech. We were introduced to him briefly between cocktail hour and the reception. I had everything on the playlist separated out so Wedding Party Arrival song was it's own list, Father Daughter dance-separate list, Dinner music-separate list, etc. And then I just told him what order I wanted everything in so we announced the wedding party, then went straight into our first dance, then father/daughter, mother/son and then we had dinner. Cake Cutting-separate song. Then dancing. We did not do bouquet toss or garter throw and I just let him know that too. We actually ran out of music on our play list, we were just shy of 3 hours of music on our list and thought that would be enough but it wasn't. However he had an laptop full of music so we used 2-3 songs off of his computer.
  9. The Brazilian Restaurant is great. There is an outdoor patio area you can reserve at well. However, the mosquitoes were so bad when we were there we had to eat inside but it was still great. Ismael website is http://www.ismaelpachecoblog.com/ Here is a link to all of mine that I uploaded to snapfish http://www2.snapfish.com/snapfish/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=5496027007/a=76078641_76078641/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/
  10. I used paypal. I had already set one up for other things I was buying on ebay for the wedding. It's pretty simple and protects your credit card numbers from being stolen. In regards to lighting for weddings, you can google sunrise and sunsets and there are websites that will let you know each specific day that the sunrises and sets in Cancun. Since Cancun is on the east side the sunsets aren't amazing like they would be in Cabo. But it still is a very pretty pink-purple hue at night. For us it was about 6:30ish when we were eating dinner.
  11. He does give you rights to the photos. I was able to use Snapfish for printing and Mixbook to make my album.
  12. His assistant speaks English well, he doesn't. If you want a lot of posed photographs, he's probably not who you want. I wanted a lot of candid shots so it worked out well for me. I just emailed him prior to with a list of the shots I wanted (getting in the dress, the kiss, family shots) and things I did not want (a pic of every groomsman and bridesmaid together, the groomsmen holding the bride sideways, everyone jumping on the beach, etc.). The biggest disappointment for me, was that he didn't get the guys getting ready but that was not his fault. It was partially mine since we had a room so far away and partially the groom b/c he didn't wait for Valeria's assistant to pick them up as we discussed in the meeting. (it freaks you out a bit when your WC calls you in a panic b/c she can't find your groom, I think she thought she was breaking the news to me that my groom was ditching me, fortunately my Dad had seen them make their way to the chapel) But that is neither here nor there. It was sort of a risk getting him as he had only done 1 wedding prior to mine. He has done several other wedding since and his work seems to be getting better each time. I loved his work. The only other thing is that I would have said fewer during the ceremony (it was a full catholic wedding so there are a lot of chapel shots) and more during the reception. Let me know if you have any questions!
  13. I used Ismael Pacheco. Love my pictures. I got all day coverage with edited CD and TTD (which I didn't use) for only like $785. I don't know if he is still that cheap. Let me know if you have any questions about him.
  14. Same here, we got ready in Nizuc and the groom in Sunrise. Our photographer got all the way over to Sunrise and my DH and the groomsmen had already left so then he had to trek all the way back. Wasted 20-30 mins of picture time. I would recommend staying close by if you are getting pictures done beforehand.
  15. I used Marvin as well. He was awesome. He sent me pictures and I chose the one I liked. They looked EXACTLY like the pictures. It was only $35 per bridesmaid bouquet and $8/corsage compared to $120 and $38 offered through the resort. Picture below, they came in the bowl they are in to keep fresh.
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