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La Barcaza -Wedding Boat

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#1 TLC4Rock

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    Posted 18 March 2010 - 03:09 PM

    Well, after looking at the menu prices for a private reception at the resort, I started considering other options. Thanks to the BDW Family...I have so many options and leads!!

    Jellyfish Resturant is also on my list...just trying to decide between Jellyfish and La Barcaza.

    Since I love my BDW Family so much, I wanted to post the information I was able to get to help with any decisions you will need.

    I'm sure over time/season and etc. The prices I have attached may change.

    I haven't made my final decision on which one I plan to use...but the time is running short! :-)


    Groups and wedding's coordinator of “La Barcaza”
    Web Site:
    Additional info:

    #2 TLC4Rock

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      Posted 18 March 2010 - 03:18 PM

      More information for the Wedding Boat.

      By the way, Flori is very QUICK with her and very helpful!!!

      Wedding Punta Cana. The best Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
      La Barcaza

      * Information of “La Barcaza Restaurant”:

      * Boat: “La Barcaza " has a capacity of 100 persons, and is the only boat with exclusivity in exits at the night time. La Barcaza has a measure of 64 feet of length and 30 feet of width.

      We have two floors.

      The first floor is designed with a protective tent for rain and Sun. There are also located the bathrooms, the bar, the kitchen, and a big lounge to dance or in case of a buffet the tables could be organized.

      The second floor is uncovered, designed for those who want to enjoy the sun or admire the stars in a chill out environment in comfortable seats.

      In the second floor you can also find the Captain’s cabin.

      When the night comes, the boat is totally equipped with lights that work with an electrical generator.

      We inform the client that it takes approximately 30 minutes of travelling from the hotel to the boat, which means that the transportation estimated (going and return) could be 1 hour.

      * Transport: is our commitment to guarantee the best service to our customers, that’s why we work with an exclusive executive transportation service, in mint condition, totally responsible, punctual, which gives us a the best service.

      We pick up the clients in the reception of the hotel at the previously established hour, from where the bus is going to take them up to the "Jellyfish beach" where “La Barcaza” is just in the front waiting for the group.

      On the beach a small boat with a capacity for 20 persons, with the captain on board and a coordinator will take them to “La Barcaza".

      Once we finish the trip, the buses will be waiting to return the guests back to the hotel.

      * Tour: Bavaro's Coast, passing through the Melia hotels, Villas Bavaro and Barcel³ Hotels, having a stop in the famous and exuberant “Natural Swimming Pool ".

      * The Natural Swimming pool:
      Located behind the "Barcel³ hotels”, a beautiful stop to enjoy an unforgettable landscape, characterized for the calm waters, slightly deep sea (4 feet of height), very safe, without waves, crystalline water, and a plenty diversity of palms and white sand.

      The perfect place to enjoy a bath and in case of lunch or dinner, the perfect stop to taste an excellent lobster or buffet, accompanied with the best service, our team, music and enjoying this attractive place.

      We'll have a stop of approximately 1 hour or 1 hour and a half in the “Natural Swimming pool “depending of the selected shift, and then we return doing the same tour.

      * Food and Services: We offer 5 different menus (see the attachment), starting with a light snack and the option of our menus.

      * Hygiene and first aids: We are equipped with all the requirements for first aids and fulfilling the higher hygiene standards.

      #3 Positanobride10

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        Posted 19 March 2010 - 06:41 PM

        Sounds like you are doing a great job researching your options. I looked at the boat, that looks so cool. Also check out Trip advisor on the Jellyfish restaurant,

        #4 kryzaniwsky

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          Posted 06 September 2010 - 08:25 AM



          We are almost ready to go ahead and book.  We are thinking of using Flori to arrange our wedding as well as the boat for the reception. 

          We are staying at the Gran Bahia Principe, and they won't allow us a ceremony time of later than 1pm.


          Flori has been a treat to dal with so far, but I just wanted to ask some questions of anybody who has used them for the ceremony too.


          Has anybody had the ceremony on the boat?


          Any info would be wonderful!

          #5 DoreenF

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            Posted 08 September 2010 - 05:13 PM

            We also booked the La Barcaza boat as a thank you to our guests the evening after our wedding.  We are doing the tropical snack, $55 per person with the hopes that our guests will eat somewhat of a late lunch that day so that snacks will be sufficient on the boat.


            Has anyone made their 20% downpayment at a Bank of America?    I live in Wisconsin where there are no B of A's, so we just have to cross over the state line to make the deposit. The B of A listed is out of Miami, but Flori said we could do a deposit at any location.  Does anyone know if they will accept a check or if we have to do cash?  Flori provided us with the instructions, but we're just a little confused on how to do the deposit and don't want to have to make a second trip if we can only deposit cash.



            #6 Caprice35

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              Posted 17 September 2010 - 08:15 PM

              I would do the Jellyfish and I hear Myrta is wonderful to work with.

              #7 sebitasalejo

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                Posted 01 December 2010 - 08:36 PM

                I booked la barcaza for my reception. I sent the deposit via my credit unio as it was less costly (35). Chase would have charged me 40 if I did the transaction online and 45 in a branch. You don't need to take the trip to the banks on the list. This is a regular wire transfer, which you can do through your bank. At least I would have been able to do it in more ways than one. It took abou ten business days for the transaction to clear. Oh! We did it over the phone too. It all wotked fine. I bought some linens for the tables (5) as they do not have white. Their decorations are not to my liking and too expensive for what they offer IMO. I am looking into some simple and sophisticated centerpieces. We'll see. Worst case scenario, the centerpieces will be the pitchers with water lol. I am also getting married at Bahia Principe (Bavaro) and was very upset this morning because Ana Lidia sent me an email letting me know that even though we will forgo the reception dinner, we still have to pay $35 per person extra just for the chair, shash, and "cake." $35. 35 dollars. I'm still in awe. I chose the cheapest package because it is a symbolic ceremony. The civil stuff will be done here. The package includes 20 ppl. With the list getting to almost 50 attending, I'm looking at $1,050 for chairs and sashes. Agr! I'm of course going to beg for mercy. We'll see. BTW. In your honest opinion, Am I being unreasonable?

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