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Building my favor list!!

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There are so many great ideas from other brides on BDW that I'm loosing track! So I decided to write this blog just to keep up with all my favor ideas - plus links and resources.


I love the idea of door hangers:

Flash Drives:

  • I plan to give each guest a flash drive to save photos to share with us when they return.
  • I will also add a couple of our favorite songs.
  • I have not figured the wording to add...but I will. :-)

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Recieved the flash drives today...now I need to brainstorm on the wording to add to the card I plan attaching.


The cool thing about the flash drives is they are also memory cards for SD and RS and mini SD. This makes it easier for guest to take the memory cards directly from the camera + attached to flash drive + then connect to computer. way too cool!


Its obvious I'm a techie! :-D


Anyway, suggestions on wording for the cards!?

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