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Save The dates

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We won't be sending these out anytime soon but I think this is what will be used.



Those are the online proofs from Vista Print. I may make a few minor changes.

I'm also thinking about making my own seashell magnets to send along with them. I'd get the seashells from Michael's(could go to the beach and collect them myself, then it'd be free wink.gif), they always have good deals and then the disc magnets from Ebay. I was browsing on there yesterday and they have 50-100 magnets for $4-$6 w/ free shipping. I already have a hot glue gun, so I'm set there. I expect it to cost just about $20 to make 70-80 magnets.


Update: While the magnets are a great idea, I have decided not to do them. Just going to send the postcards.

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