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  1. I'm really liking her new show, even though there's only been one episode. I love the chemistry between her and Jason. He's very good for her. It's refreshing to watch too. No nonsense drama. I usually like a little drama but this season of RHONY was a little too much for me.
  2. MayaLove

    Runners/Walkers-- Add up the BDW Miles!

    Did 3 miles this morning. 734.45 + 3 = 737.45
  3. MayaLove

    BDW Newsletter Signup!!

    I can't wait to see the newsletter! Erika and Stephanie, you can still sign up with the box to the left side of the screen if the link doesn't work. It's under the Del Sol ad.
  4. MayaLove

    Runners/Walkers-- Add up the BDW Miles!

    I did two miles today(well yesterday now). I think I sprained my foot though. Well I'm hoping it's just a sprain. 73.52 + 2 = 75.52 BDW miles
  5. MayaLove

    6 Letter Scrabble

    queens : screen
  6. MayaLove

    Runners/Walkers-- Add up the BDW Miles!

    creoletexan, that is awesome! Congrats on your first 10K!!! 63.77 + 2.75 = 66.52 BDW miles
  7. Congratulations! Your dress is beautiful!
  8. MayaLove

    Pops in your head

    eagle : wings
  9. MayaLove

    ~~Like or Dislike~~

    Like! Had some last night too. Facial scrub?
  10. MayaLove

    Pops in your head

    school : ruler
  11. MayaLove

    Runners/Walkers-- Add up the BDW Miles!

    1.5 mile run after work yesterday. 42.25 + 1.5 = 43.75 BDW miles
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by vdaybride LOL hey..I just had a moment. I saw your wedding date and I was like "she is REALLY addicted to this site, it's her wedding date as of midnight and she is on BDW" then I realized its you one year mark UNTIL your wedding.. Congrats..only 364 more days to go lol, I hope I don't get that addicted... Thanks!
  13. MayaLove

    Pops in your head

    pool : summer
  14. MayaLove

    Would you rather game...

    I would rather have to always say what's on my mind. At least I'd still be able to communicate. People might end up hating me though lol. Would you rather have a plumeria bouquet or a calla lily bouquet?
  15. Those are the cards we used for our STDs! I've always wondered how they stayed in business too... That is a cool idea for your OOT bags.