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I DID IT! Ran Half Marathon!!

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So, after 6 months of sweating, preparing, & running… I accomplished

the goal I set for myself!! I FINISHED MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!

AND I DID IT IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS. For anyone that run long

distances, I know that is quite slow, many would say I probably

walked most of it… to that I say, I only walked about 1/3 of it (due

to a horrible side stitch).


It was part of the Ottawa Race weekend, along with 34 000 other

runners, 9000 of which were running the half with me. I ran the 21.2

km (13.1 miles) course that took me between the beautiful province

of Quebec and Ontario.

I was fortunate enough to have a great running buddy tag along for

the ride. He had previously completed another half marathon in

1hr45. So to him, this run must have been turtle speed. Nonetheless

he stayed with me the entire way, through my walking, complaining,

moaning, and dare I say it, B*tching!!! But we had a great time – at

least I did! He was a great companion, we talked the entire way!


The weather was phenomenal a gorgeous 23C outside with a nice wind.

The course took us over 2 bridges and some wonderful scenery; past

the Canadian Parliament buildings, the Supreme Court of Canada, the

fabulous Rideau Canal, the museum of civilizations, National Gallery

of Canada. The tulips and lilacs were also in full bloom, so we

didn't even notice that we smelled like B.O.!


The finish line came eventually, and I told my buddy to sprint ahead

and he took off like a hornet!! We finished with 30seconds apart.


I had originally ran the course 2 weeks ago and it took 3hr and 6

minutes. So I was hoping for a sub-3 hour finish. I DID IT IN

2HR54!!!! My medal looks amazing on my wall! And I am definitely

looking forward to my next one!!


It was a wonderful run!! The type that make you want to encourage

everyone to get out there and try the sport!!


So set your goal and do it!!

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