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townie princess

Shopping IS addictive

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I love sales. I rarely ever pay full price for anything. I always have a coupon or have scanned the flyers for sales.


I heard that the Superstore was giving a discount of 25% off all of their Joe Fresh clothing and accessories this weekend.


So off I rush to the Superstore. I bought 5 huge navy OOT bags for $6.75 each! They had white ones there too, but they looked dirty and I didn't want to start scrubbing all these bags!


(I also bought two t-shirts and a tank top, but they're not really wedding related).


I went to Zellers because they had beach towels listed for 2 for $4.97. They were TINY!


So I ended up leaving Zellers with a bikini bottom, incense oil and hand cream.


And today, FI and I were in Pier 1. Very dangerous. They have all kinds of travel candles on for $2.50 each (from $4), and those paper soaps, and gels and shampoo for $1.50 each.


So I walked out of there with a bag full of travel candles and a wicker settee for our sunroom ($194 from $650, you better believe I bought one at that price!)


So now I'm spent. C'mon payday...

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