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Rings and Things

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Here are our rings! I'm so love with both of them. I desperately need a new camera! I couldn't get a good shot of either of them. My diamonds are too sparkly and with the flash, blur the photo! That sounds like a really bitchy problem to have!


Here they are together. My ring is really unique. The wedding band actually slides into the e-ring mounting and locks in. So, I have my solitaire surrounded by 3 rows of diamonds.



Here is a really crappy picture of it put together. I can't wait for the pro pics from the wedding.



Here is my ceremony jewelry:


Both are from Dillards. I guess with it being prom season, they had all of their costume jewelry half off. The earrings and the bracelet came to $35 with tax and everything! FI loves necklaces, so I guess I need to find something simple to wear. I am normally not a big accessory person and tend to feel over-done. I guess the search will be on for a solitaire pendant or something.


Here are my shoes, the flip flops for the beach and the others for the reception/AHR. Knowing me I'll be back in the flops by the end of the night, but I love me some high heels!


The flops are from Victoria's Secret and were $20 with a coupon and free shipping.


The heels are "Flashy" by touchups and I got them off e-bay for $15. They retail for $85. The best part was the seller lived in Louisville, so I was able to pick them up and avoid shipping charges!

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