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How did you decide on a DW..

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Hi everyone,


Ever since I was younger I knew I didn't want a traditional wedding..local, local church, everyone and your parents friends invited..200+..so and so. We always joked in the family saying I'd get married on a mountain.


So now we're engaged and planning a site visit to Mexico and I just came to wondering..what lead me toward Mexico? I looked at other islands and places and just didn't "feel" anything. But I feel very comfortable with Mexico as in stress free and looks gorgeous and laid back.


Two yrs ago I had a nightmare that everything went wrong at my "beach" wedding, I was in the DR and saw an awful set up and everything looked tacky..


Did anyone ever feel like this? My wedding is only 2 yrs away lol and I know I have time, but does anyone ever regret a destination wedding? Is what I'm feeling common? Somewhat like 2nd thoughts? (Although, I def know I don't want a local wedding..)


Thanks in advance!

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