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Looking for a fab destination

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Hi ladies;


Looks like I haven't been on here in over a year, wow how time flies.


My hubby and I are planning on finally taking our honeymoon this Christmas- we don't really know where we want to go but we know that we don't want to go to the Mayan Rivera again [my husband has been there numerous times and would like to try something new].


So, I came to this place [because you all rock] to see where you all suggest since we have all researched so many places for weddings/honeymoons already. :)


Here is what we are looking for:


4+ star all inclusive resort

on the beach

great sand, great beach

snorkeling needs to be available

honey package


It can be anywhere, just not in the Mayan Rivera.





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Karla I'm excited to go especially since it will be a while before I can take a trip after this (starting nursing school) so we decided to go all out and spoil ourselves. I will definitely post pics when I get back.

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Well we are getting married in the Riviera Maya next year and plan to spend 4-5 days down there after for a half honeymoon.  I only agreed to that because we both agreed to doing a full blown honeymoon the following year in Bora Bora.  I know it will cost thousands but I will make it work.  It will be so worth it once we are there relaxing on a bungalow on top of the water.

Originally Posted by sinesbride View Post

I would totally love to go to bora bora.

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