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Jannae's Trash the Dress session with the fantasticial Cecilia Dumas!!

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Hi, so fun looking at all those photos! We did not do a TTD session right after our wedding back in June, but we are going back down to Turks & Caicos in October and are doing it then. I just can't believe I have to repack and bring my wedding dress with me on the plane, etc. Jannae, was that a different dress you wore for your TTD? It didn't look the same as the one you wore for your wedding. I don't want to ruin my actual wedding dress, but just get amazing photos from the session. Do you think it's possible? My husband also does not want to get into the ocean or get sand on his suit that he wore to the wedding, so what do you suggest? I am getting my hair and makeup professionally done which is a bit silly since it will get wet and sandy but at least it will look nice for the beginning of the shoot. Can't wait to hear back!

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