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Motivating Fiancé to find something to wear

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I can totally relate.Paul thought he could grab the suit pay and walk out with it.No you need to try it on lol.Im glad i took him shopping he ended up with a suit two sizes bigger than the one he said would be fine lol

Oh and the shirt shopping experience was no better.The shirt we had seen in Ted Baker had sold out so with the help of the sales assistant and having told her our wedding party are wearing the baby blue linen trousers the same as Pauls suit with white linen grandad shirts(a matalan bargain £12 each) she suggested a blue floral shirt he liked it slowly making his way to the changing room lol I think he knew he WAS trying it on hahaa.He called me and was making all the right noises.I was happy but said " yer i like it but you cant have that button done up" turns out it was the only One he had done up


Infact you have reminded me hes not tried it all on yet hes about to now lol


Ill try and get a piccy or two for my planning thread

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