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  1. Thank you, I just asked for tropical looking flowers therefore sorry not sure of the names!
  2. Thanks, my Dad actually thought of using the Corona Bottles to pour the sand!
  3. Yes I have looked on line. but no luck yet. We also drove around 1 day to all the stores we could think of and other then a regular school binder that is 4" we cant find anything.
  4. Hoping some one can help me. I have spent hours and lots of gas on trying to find a binder that is pretty that is 4" that will hold my 5 by 7 photos that are already in the photo sheets.
  5. I have to admit we were pretty dam happy on our wedding day. The last pic we were happy but suprized as some one secretly gave out rice to throw at us. We had bubbles so needless to say we were shocked, but it was pretty funny, lol!
  6. Club Monaco is where we purchased the white sports coat from and le-chatue for the pants!
  7. That sounds reasonable. Please let me know how I can connect with your friends company to complete the booking. Thank you very much for your help!
  8. Hey that would be great. We need to be there by 6pm so leave at 5pm and the dinner is 2 hours, therefore probably need to be picked up at 8:15. We have 36 people confirmed, if they can take us all I would be interested to know the cost. Talk soon.
  9. Okay thanks, we have around 35 people going so we are going to try and rent a charter/ bus!
  10. I am having my rehersal/night before the wedding dinner at Le Kliff. We are coming all the way from Nuevo Vallarta/Bucerias. Can anyone let me know how far it is, or how many minutes the drive is?
  11. I hear you with the wedding coordinator frustration, I have had 3, I just hope the 3rd is still there in 1 month!
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