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Bags of shells

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I don't know if anyone is looking, but I was in Dollar Tree yesterday and they haev big bags of seashells for $1 (obviously). I bought 12 bags to decorate my tables at the rehearsal dinner.


At first I felt kind of silly buying shells to bring to Mexico because, as my mom said, "who brings sand to the beach?"... but then I thought about combing the beaches or stores for shells and decided its the least stressful alternative :)

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Originally Posted by Galit View Post
Sorry ladies, I may have steered you wrong! I just went on the website and the shells aren't on there right now sad.gif I'm sorry... it says they will update soon, so maybe the nice man at the dollar store wasnt lying after all... Either way, they definitely have shells in store!
I didn't see them on there either, but I thought it was just me... lol
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