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TA stressing me to THE MAX..HELP

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Hi guys, sorry I don't often come on here to freak out but I need to vent and need some advice..


My TA....I feel like I continue to tell her things, and write her e-mail and she just IGNORES what I say. She has me soo stressed out right now!!


She has all of a sudden told me that the price she quoted me at first was the WRONG quote (mistake of company not her) but that because of that our price is now only good till July 7th and not Aug 1st (remainder due then) like we were told before. People can still book after July 7th, but there price may be higher (or lower) than the one we have now.


When she got the quote from the travel company ( I think its transat we are using) they told us that the price was for single, double OR triple occupancy for the rooms. Well our group of friends is well traveled and was excited to see this, as they hate having to always share rooms....so MANY of our guests have booked single occupancy. NOW the TA is freaking out saying that there are TOO MANY single occupancy rooms and that we need to get ppl to double up otherwise the hotel might not be to happy with us and may not be willing to do us favours...Her words "if we scratch their back, they'll scratch ours"..so now I have to go through my guest list of already booked ppl and ask them to pair up!!


Then my other huge stress is our filght. My FI and I live in a VERY small town and the closest airport to us doesn't have direct flights to Cuba in October, so have been told that we need to fly from Toronto to Cuba and get a connecting flight from Winnipeg to Toronto. When we FIRST started talking MONTHS ago, she told me that our trip was $966 after taxes from Toronto...and that the connector would be approximately $100 per person..

WELL..she e-mailed me today to tell me that our flight is $507 per person!!! That's a HUGE difference!! AND not only htat but she continues to not listen to what I say about the flight. Our flight to Cuba leaves Toronto at 3PM...so all of us flying from Winnipeg to Toronto want to just fly to Toronto the day we leave so we just have to hang out at the airport. The $500 flight she has decided we HAVE to take...is the day BEFORE...which has us in Toronto for literally a whole 23 hrs BEFORE our filght to Cuba. NONE of us want to fly the night before, we DON'T want to have to stay at a hotel.


THEN...I got word from one of my bridesmaids and she cant get the full week off work so she has to leave cuba the day AFTER my wedding...so I got my TA (who SUCKS right now lol) to look into a 3-4 day trip for her. Well I got THAT price back today and it's more expenseive thatn our trip for a whole week!! So my bridesmaid has told me that she is no longer able to come since she JUST got engaged and has to save money for her wedding...so this is the THIRD bridesmaid I've lost.


I was able to replace one of the first 2..but I'm freaking b/c my MOH may not even be able to come now aswell!! She booked for the wedding and waas diagnosed with Difusse B Cell Lymphoma two days later....so we are still waiting to get the OK from her doctor on if she can come or not....I am more upset about her not being able to come than anyone else as she is my bestfriend in the whole world. And obviously upset that she has been diagnosed with cancer (stupid cancer...grrr..). She is irreplacable...but at the same time I need to find OTHER girls to fill in my blank spots!! I started with five girls...and FI had 5 guys...now I am down to 2 girls and a guy that I STOLE from him (lol). So he has 4 groomsmen, I have 1 MOH, 1 bridesmaid and 1 bridesman..I would like our sides to be 'even' so I need to find another bridesmaid..with less than 4 months to go!


ANYWAYS....in general I feel like my wedding is slowly starting to FALL APART!! People aren't coming..prices are going up and OUT of our price range...she is IGNORING things I tell her (the TA)..I just want to pull my hair out!!!


I'm just wondering....after my HUGE vent....Is has anyone ELSE used Blue Knight Travel based out of Welland Ontario?? I got her information from ANOTHER DW bride on here...but I see she is now banned :S so I can't ask her how everything is going between her and the TA..





WOW..........I just realized I wrote a whole book!! SOO sorry...I just had to get it out! I'm so far away from everyone (family, friends, wedding party all live 18 hrs away) I just needed to be able to vent!!! Thanks Ladies :)

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sorry to hear that you are going through so much. But as most brides on here will tell you they had many problems with people not coming and dropping out at the last minute and for all kind of excuses. At the end of the day as long as you and your FI are happy and their thats all that matters. And the ones who are their will have a blast. I know its easier said than done but try not to stress to much and I hope everything works with your TA.

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wow craziness!!! sorry this is happening so close to your wedding or my advice would definately be to switch TAs....

well if you remove yourself from the situation, you'll see that all you can do is just breathe and try to remember that in the end your wedding day will be amazing and when you look back on this time, you'll see that everything will work out :)

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Hang in there and take a deep breath or deep glass of wine which usually works for me. Sorry to hear about your TA problems and yes it canbe very frustrating but picture your day as positively as you can. Does it really matter if your sides are uneven? Mine probably will be and I'm Ok with that because it's not going to change my wedding day and getting married to my FI. Whoever can make it great and if not that's OK.

Good luck with everything.

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Thanks everyone! I took a night to breath it over and called the TA today and firmly told her that this just wasnt acceptable and that I wasn't happy with her service..that no one in my group would pay that much since she had quoted us at a pricebefpre that was SOO much lower and that everyone was comfortable with and now giving us a price people couldnt afford. We talked for about an hour and half, she apologized and we talked about ways to ressolve it, and I firmly told her that anything near that price was just too much for me or my guests.


I know I sound REALLY cheap, and maybe I am..but my FI and I both changed jobs within the last year and half taken a pay cut b/c of it. We are much HAPPIER with our new jobs, but we just don't have the ability to spend that kind of money anymore. We are trying to pull ourselves OUT of debt right now, not dig ourselves deeper (perfect time for a wedding right? hahahaha).


Anyways, she is now looking into other means of transportation, and seeing if we leave from a different airport will matter, afew different things. I feel abit better now :)


As for the bridesmaid situation...I'm not going to let it ruin my day..it just really sucked yesterday b/c I seemed to have been dumped with bad info about the wedding yesterday and that was kind of 'the straw that broke the camals back'.

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