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leave in 9 days.. what am i forgetting??

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so i am starting to go into panic mode... we leave in 9 days and i feel like we have so much to do... we still need to:

finish packing

buy thank you gifts for parents & MOH/ BM

pick our songs and the songs for our parents!! (yes i know what you are thinking.. OMG you dont have that yet!!)

and i am stumped on the rest...



any last min things you can think of that we need to do/ get done or remember to bring!! or does anyone have a checklist that they used.. it would be soOoOoo greatly appreciated!!



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My wedding isn't until December and I'm already stressing thinking about the actual packing and not forgetting anything part! I'm pretty sure I saw some packing lists at least posted on here if you do a search. Good luck to you!!!

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Hi Christina! My name is Cristina too and we are getting married on the same day!


Dont worry and I'm feeling the same way. The best thing you can do is put together a checklist of items to take with you.


List for the following:

- Items for the ceremony

- Documents to bring

- Wedding Accessories

- Beauty / Personal products

- Regular Clothing

- Gifts for Bridal Party


Those are just a few things.. Also for gifts, have you tried Things Remembered? I bet they have a store around you and they can personalize items. We did the following for our group.


Groomsmen - engraved shot glass (Things Remembered)

Ray Ban sunglasses (Sunglass Hut - $100 each and have 3 guys)


Bridesmaids - personalized tote bag

cosmetic bag (goes with tote bag)

Flip flops for after the ceremony

earrings for wedding


Jamie's Dad - cigar case and lighter from Things Remembered (engraved)

Jamie's Mom - hanky and compact mirror (Things remembered) also will do a photobook for after the wedding.


My Dad - Father picture frame and doing a photobook

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