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Vanessa C

Affordable Photographer for Cancun Wedding!!!

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I might end up flying in a photographer from Cali that has done my friend's wedding. He's just starting out and might be able to give me a 3 day package deal at a reasonable price. :)

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Guest iluckie

Great! be sure he scouted the area very well so he find the magic places in the area, some of them are hidden :)






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I have a question about this... when you got your photos with them, did you have to pay extra for them to edit them? Can I ask about how much....?  did they just give you the raw images? how'd they look?




Originally Posted by Jackie Thompson View Post

Have a look at Photos In Cancun| Cancun Wedding Photographer, Professional Wedding Photography services in Cancun Mexico they are fantastic. He is Canadian, She is a model from Mexico City, and they are fantastic. 2 Cameras a ton of photos and all at a reasonable price. We are so happy we went with them.

They blogged us to,


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Hello Dear i think is a matter of budget,but also on what it makes a different is their work sometimes it is really worth to pay an outside photographer and the reason is because at the end you will be able to choose what you want and not what they choose for you.


You not going to be able to see a wedding portfolio of each photographer of the resort but you will be able to see the portfolios from outside photographers you will see comments on their work you will find people that will talk about their work, you wont get that from the photographers they choose for you.


on my opinion that will make a big diference but it is your choice.


See what people said



Where to Begin?


Many couples approach the selection of their wedding photographer almost as an after-thought. They tend to get so caught up with all the really fun wedding details their guests will see - like the cake, the wedding decor, the gown, etc. - and they often don't consider, until its too late, that selecting the right wedding photographer is just as important.

Why? The photographer you choose to capture the moments of your wedding on film will play a very significant role in what is likely to be the single most important day of your life. Consider this: Long after the band stops playing, the guests have gone home, the flowers have wilted, all that will remain are memories and photographs.

With this in mind you'll want to take put some care into selecting a wedding photographer. Many couples underestimate the importance of carefully selecting a good photographer, randomly picking a name from the telephone book, believing that one wedding photographer is as good as the next. Later, when the day they have waited a lifetime for has come and gone, and the pictures are developed, sometimes disappointment begins to set in.

Follow these simple guidelines when selecting a wedding photographer and you might just save yourself from some unexpected heartbreak.

Start Looking

It is advisable to begin shopping for a wedding photographer as soon as you become engaged. Take the time to visit several different photographers in their studios and examine wedding pictures they have taken in the past. Ensure that you are specifically shown samples of their wedding photography. Looking at pictures of babies, pets, or sunsets won't give you any indication of the photographer's ability to take good wedding pictures!


Style of Photography

Every photographer has his or her own unique style. Look for a style of photography that "speaks" to you. A good wedding photographer should have the ability to really capture mood, emotion, and sentiment within his photographs. The shots shouldn't just sit there, they should move you in some way. They should provoke a reaction within you. Keep shopping until you find a photographer who speaks to you through his work in this way. Today more and more couples are choosing photographers who specialize in the photo-journalistic approach to weddings, and you might want to seriously consider going in this direction. This style of photography tends to be most captivating. Your wedding photos will end up looking like something out of the pages of a magazine, rather than stiff, staged, unnatural shots.





Martin & Astrid 













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Is there any photographer in Cancun that is just upfront about their pricing on their website?  That's becoming a huge pet peeve of mine.  Why waste my time and theirs e-mailing back and forth trying to compare?  It's so annoying!!  Plus most of the wedding photography sites and blogs are blocked at work for "adult content" so I can't even look on my lunch break, and by the time I get home and have other things to do I don't want to have to basically do a homework project trying to figure out how much someone costs!

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When are you getting married? I am getting married at GCR 11/11/11 ans am running into the same problem about the pgotographer. All the photographers I have contacted about pricing in Cancun are way too expensive, so am looking into flying someone in as well.


Originally Posted by Vanessa C View Post

Please help!! I can't seem to find an affordable photographer for my November 2011 wedding. The resort where my wedding will be held provides photography services however I'm not sure if I want to use them. I don't really like the packages they offer because they don't offer many photos in the packages.

Another problem I'm having is that if I bring an outside vendor I have to pay a fee of $350 plus the photographer's fees. What should I do?smile124.gif

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My photographer was super afforadable.  www.ismaelpachecoblog.com  He does not have prices on his website either.  However it was $760 for all day coverage with TTD and a DVD of all the retouched pictures.  


When I was looking for a photographer, that was the most tedious process of sending emails and waiting for info back.  Then they constant follow up if I had chosen someone yet.  Good luck finding a photographer.

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