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So i'm going down tomorrow to place my order for the invites and i wanted to run this by you ladies to make sure they sound/look ok!!


A beautiful beach

A clear blue sky

A love united

With waves crashing nearby


Me * *


Him * *


Invite you to share the beginning of our new life together

when we exchange marriage vows


on Tuesday, the twenty second of February

Two thousand eleven

at Four o’clock on the beach

Reception to follow


Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa

Riviera Maya , Mexico




Do i have the capitalization right on the dates??

Anything i'm missing? I'm so nervous that i won't get them right!!


Thanks :)

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Looks like you have it right. When i googled it this is what came up...


Julia Smythe Harriton


Stephen Andrew Smith

request the honor of your presence

to share in the celebration

of their marriage


Saturday, the sixteenth of July

Nineteen Hundred Ninety Eight

at five o'clock in the afternoon

St. Annes Cathedral

Frelalba, Colorado


Reception to follow

The Victorian at Heritage Square

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Looks good to me, the only thing I think I'd change is to add a - between twenty and second (reads: twenty-second). I think adding the - is the "correct" way of writing it, but I don't think it'd throw people off if you didn't add it! wink.gif

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Here's the example I found @ Wedding Invitation Wording


Which words are capitalized?


Capitalization can be very confusing when wording your wedding invitations. Words that are always capitalized should, of course, remain capitalized. As a general rule, the first word of the first line is capitalized, as is the first letter of the year, which should be on its own line. Numbers (other than the number part of the address or numbered streets with more than two numbers) and states are always spelled out. The rules may seem very silly and arbitrary, but there will always be someone who notices changes!


Remember to include the names, date, time, and location.



Mr. and Mrs. David Smith

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Catherine Mary


Edward Steven Mackay

son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mackay

Saturday, the fourteenth of August

Two thousand four

at five o'clock in the evening

Our Lady of Peace Church

123 Happyland Avenue

Disneyland, California


And I agree with Courtney about the hyphenated twenty-second!

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