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I need a signature drink for a party...any ideas?

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i had blue sangria once....it must have been good b/c i don't remember where i was, lol!!!!!


i like the idea of a clear drink w/ colored ice....my fave clear drink is vanilla vodka and sprite...

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Originally Posted by Natalie Z View Post
This is sooooo not what you want to do but the guys I hung out with in college created this drink (it was sooo good and this pretty pink color, but it had so much liquor in it) and they called it the "PANTY DROPPER" It was pretty funny because at parties people started asking for it all the time!!

Sorry your title reminded me of this, but with that said you could create a cute drink that people will remember. Good Luck!!!
Damn, I had forgotten about that drink! It is SOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!

For the blue color---- there's cheap martini mix at Walmart (like a berry flavor) that can be mixed with vodka.... Those would look great in martini glasses...

Shots of the Godvia liquor would be great too---- that stuff tastes awesome!!!

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I love you girls - you have awesome ideas!!!


Natalie - that is funny - but I think I need one called money dropper instead of panty dropper! hahaha


Heidi - Come on down! Blue lagoon sounds good and would be pretty.


Rachelle - thanks for that link - I'll check it out.


Janet - yum on the chocolate martini. I think tea is a great idea for those wanting non alcoholic - especially in the setting I will be in.


Angela - that does sound gross - but I'll have to try it! :) Do you think it would work with regular lemonade instead of pink (just thinking of color)?


ooohhh...I tasted a mojito a few weeks ago and it was soo good.


colored ice would be really cool. I will have to remember that for entertaining at home. I doubt I could pull off making that man colored ice cubes though for the party. I'm expecting between 150-200 people.


Paula - I love the name and the recipe sounds good.

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