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Fairmont mayakoba

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Hi Lupe,

Welcome!!!! You will find this site to be a wealth of information! It is the best thing I have stumbled upon thus far, but beware it is addictive!!! LOL


I too am marrying in RM and that thread is the best!!!

Happy Planning!!!

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Smidge - do you mind telling me who your daughter used for her hair and makeup? And what did you do with the OOT bags? Did you have them shipped directly to Fairmont or bring them with you and assemble on site?


Also, did the hotel provide and set up all of the decorations or did you bring anything with you?


Who was your florist?


Thank you!

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On our site visit, we tried hair and make up at the resort's spa, but it was just too much for us.  We like things to be simpler, and keep in mind that you are in the tropics.  Your hair is going to do what it wants to do unless it is tethered down.  My daughters hair is long, so we pulled it back, braided the ponytail, and wrapped it in a bun.  It held up beautifully and was very elegant.  A friend did her make up and my daughter looked like herself on her wedding day.  That's what we wanted.


For the gift bags, I bought cheap canvas totes at a local craft store, changed the straps with webbing that I was able to but in bulk for less, and hand stamped a tropical leaf pattern on the front of the bag.  It was cute...  We filled these with chips and other munchies that we bought at the WalMart in Playa del Carmen.  People are always looking for food when they come off the beach, and snacks in a restaurant add up.  I would suggest adding a large water bottle to this package.


Before our site visit, planned a brightly colored wedding with lots of splash.  Once we visited the Fairmont and saw how beautiful the natural landscape was, we decided to compliment it with texture in shades of white, ivory and green.  Because the surroundings are so different from a hotel or other venue you might choose at home, you really don't have to do too much besides table flowers and ceremony decoration.  Our florist was Vanessa Jaimes and we used Mexican house number tiles for our table numbers.  These were simply propped against the glass vases that were lined with a banana leaf.  We got the numbers Direct from Mexico, and it was actually cheaper for these to be shipped to us and for us to take them with us than it was to pay shipping inside Mexico.  For the ceremony, we used the second picture in Vanessa's slide show as our model.  The effect was that the space was defined but we did not fight with the natural landscape.


Instead of a sit down rehearsal dinner, we did a cocktail party setting on the Terrazo Lawn with heavy hors d'oeuvres.  Ask about the Fairmont's Taco Bar.  This is not a fast food taco selection, but it's fabulous food served with a lot of panache.  This allowed our guests to mingle and saved on our budget.  Another way to save money is to offer signature drinks, wine and beer instead of a full, all night open bar.  For this party, the Fairmont had colored tablecloths, and I brought colored votives from West Elm that I left the the events department.  They may still have them. 


Do not ship anything to Mexico.  You can hire a customs broker, but your wedding is too important to have anything not get there.  On most airlines, you are allowed three bags on an international flight.  Load them up and distribute items to your family and friends.  We brought everything with us looked like we were moving to Mexico!


Let me know if I can answer any more questions.

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