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  1. I believe I used Papyrus for most of the invite. I did use some other fonts where I felt Papyrus did not work.
  2. I had a similar experience in my first marriage happen, yes I said it - first marriage. My FI left less than 2 months before the wedding because he could not handle 'it'. I had many of the same emotions that you are having right now about giving a second chance, etc. So I did give it another shot and about a year later we actually got married in Vegas. It was definitely fun, but after I got my CPA license and he still had not caught up to me on the earning scale he walked out AGAIN 2 1/2 years later saying he needed to see if he could make it on his own. Seriously WTF? It was horribly painful. I really wished I had been strong enough to walk away the first time he pulled his crap, and not have to go through divorce because he would leave me voicemails crying about how sorry he was. Luckily I had a great support group that helped me get through the bad times, and now I am happily married to a man who makes every day so much brighter by opening my eyes to things I never saw before. While I know your situation is not the same, I do know the hurt and potential regret and the uncertainty. I wish that your decision brings you that happy life that you deserve.
  3. We actually just used Moments that Matter for our wedding in October at El Dorado Royale. Lori did an amazing job with our pics! Lincoln was great, but Lori is definitely all about capturing every possible image she can. I don't think I ever saw her sitting down, except for dinner when she does not photograph anyone. If you are reading this trying to decide between a few photographers, just like I was a year ago, then look no further. You can check out some of our pics on the MTM and Sweet Fire Facebook pages (Jeff and Crystal at El Dorado) and judge for yourself, but I promise you will not be disappointed. The only problem I have now is trying to order pictures and not go bankrupt because there are so many beautiful images! I am sure that Lori and her photography will only get better as time goes on! Best of luck with Sweet Fire, Lori! Ladies, if you have any specific questions, then please let me know. I am always happy to share a great experience.
  4. I had the covers (107# Paper) printed at Fedex Kinkos. it was definitely a pain because of the paper, so I would use something that was not as heavy. For the interior pages I used a lighter-weight paper from papermart and printed those pages at work on a laser printer. They were front and back and I did not seem to have a problem with that. Good Luck! PM if you have any more questions.
  5. From what I understand the resort is really busy over the next couple of months with weddings. I know that one of the weeks in October the resort is at 100% occupancy for the whole week in the caistas and the regular part of the resort. So my guess is that the wedding coordinators have a lot going on and are not trying to purposely ignore anyone. Hopefully that is all it is.
  6. We are doing gum, mints, pretzels, goldfish, and a few powdered drink mixes. Even though our resort is AI it is still nice to have some of your favorite snack food on hand!
  7. I had a similar problem when I got married the first time. My dad's mom and sister thought I could do so much better that they complained leading up to the wedding. So I did not invite them because why would they want to come to a wedding they had expressed doubt over. They were super mad and did not speak to me for 7 years. Now my parents insisted that I invite them, even though FI and I are footing the bill, and guess what my crazy aunt is coming all the way to Mexico. So you have to be careful because they just might show up and then who knows what... On a side note, my 2 BFFs have already told me that they will take care of any situations she tries to create. I just hope the photographer is around to get pictures if happens. I would love to see them take her down. Sorry I got a little carried away!
  8. I had a good experience with them as well, but I did everything over the phone to avoid any confusion. I got my mugs in less than 2 weeks. Other than the image is a little small, the mugs look great.
  9. It's not so much that I don't want to lose weight, it's just that bread tastes so good, and what am I supposed to have with Mexican food, certainly not just water!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by glenny05 Hello Oct '10 brides. We're getting married 10.09.10 at the Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana. Very excited with all the planning Welcome to the October Group! It seems like October was miles away and now it is rapidly approaching!
  11. I am giving my FI a new set of golf irons. He wanted to buy them at Christmas, but we had some other money issues come up that were more pressing. He deserves them, so hopefully he is happy with them.
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