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Jess3414's Dreams Cabo Wedding Slideshow

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Originally Posted by Jess3414 View Post
The reception was at the quiet pool. Oceana Terrace I think its called. If you ask me, I think it's the best place for the reception if you are having 30 or less people. It worked out perfectly! the setup was amazing!
I know that Dreams boots the wedding party from the outdoor area around 10:30p... did your group continue the festivities at the Disire Music Lounge til 2am and did everyone feel like they had enough time to celebrate? I'm a little worried about our guests wanting to celebrate until 4am, lol.



We thought everyone was going to be up really late.  We had a pretty wild bunch but our wedding started at 4pm so by 10:30 everyone was exhausted, drunk, and ready for bed.  I think the wedding party went to one of the rooms and partied for maybe an hour afterward, but for the most part everyone wanted to go to sleep!! 

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