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Calgary & Area - Name Change List and Numbers!

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Hi hope I'm posting this in the right spot!


We'll I've been home for 4 days from my wedding and I have pretty much everything changed over to my new name! Just a few in person ones left to do like passport and SIN. I saved my list and even have most of the numbers and locations so I thought I'd share them with you Calgary girls, and I know there are a lot of you on here! Southern AB can prob use this too. Hope it helps! I'm sure there are little ones here and there yet to change, but I think these are the big ones!


Registry – Dr. License and vehicle registration, in person


Employer/Payroll/Benefits, one email J


Utilities, Enmax 310-2010, Direct energy 866-420-3174, EPCOR 310-4300


Cable/internet/house phone, Shaw 716-6000


Cell phone


TIPP, call 311 they do it right there on the phone. Theyâ€ll give you your legal description of your property for Land titles!


Land titles, need legal description and marriage certificate, $17 to change. In person, 710-4 Ave SW, 8:15am-4pm weekdays.


Banks, must be done in person at any branch, with marriage certificate.


Mortgage, if diff than bank, in person, need mortgage number (unless youâ€re first line 1-800-970-0700)


Condo fees


Passport, in person, and the temp drivers license is supposed to be good.


AHC, 1-780-427-1432, theyâ€ll mail you a form along with your new AHC card and you send it back with your hubbyâ€s AHC # to join your accounts in the system unless heâ€s in the military!


Insurance Company


AirMiles, 1-888-247-6453


Credit cards, if diff than bank


Order new cheques, at bank or online


SIN, must be changed, number stays the same. In person, Harry Hayes or any service centre, 270-220-4 Ave SE, 8:30am-4:30pm weekdays. Need birth and marriage certificates, no charge.


Everywhere Iâ€ve been I need a copy of my marriage certificate so keep it in your purse! Temp Dr Lic is handy but Banks need photo ID, I have no id so passport works.


rockon.gif love this one!

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Did you do a full legal name change too? Or just assume your new hubby's last name? I'm guessing the latter but thought I'd check since you mentioned changing it on my SIN card which I hadn't thought of!


Thanks so much for posting this!!

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Echo - I just assumed...I didn't want to change my birth certificate. I called to see if we had to change our SIN and they said yes we have to even if it's assumed.


Hope this helps! please add on if you think of more places where it should be changed :)

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Did you just use the marriage certificate you signed on your wedding day? I know they gave me a copy of that one but I didn't think it was the legal certificate. Ive been waiting because they told me 3 month's to get one but if I can start now that would be awesome!

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Wow this is so helpful Kerri! I have basically everything switched over too but havent done my SIN (damn it, should have done that when i was over at harry hays doing my passport!) or my mortgage/land title. didnt even think of those.

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