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April 2011 Brides

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Teira, I love your idea for the starfish on the seats, and I also really want to do the maracas but I worry about trying to cart everything down to Mexico.  :(  How much were your starfish?  And how do you plan on attaching them to the chairs?


Your suit is adorable!  Good luck at your boudoir shoot.  I would love to do one of those.  Be sure you let us all know how it goes!!

Originally Posted by Teira1031 View Post

So after buying like 5 dresses from Nordstrom to try on for my TTD i have decided not to get use a different dress for my TTD... i just dont love any of them as much as i love my dress so i dont feel beautiful in them and i really want to LOVE my ttd pictures and only see that happening in a dress that i love also. I just hope it deosnt get ruined b/c i plan on wearing it for my AHR... which i havent even started planning yet because i cannot find a venue that doesnt cost and arm & leg!


I finally found a strapless swimsuit thats made for larger tatas, its a bandeau with underwire so i'm hoping it'll help hold the girls up, my neverending struggle. I ordered it from www.herroom.com so heres to hoping it'll work.



Ive been getting so many packages in the mail this week and i love it! today i got my orange maracas from Amols and my fuschia organza table overlays from weddinglinensdirect.com. The other day i got my fuschia & Orange picture frames ordered from etsy and also my white finger starfish from ebay for our chair ties which will look like this...

chair ties.jpg


Now i'm just waiting on my cake boxes i ordered, and  the orange raffia & fuschia organza fabric from the chair ties.


My BD shoot is tomorrow & i'm TERRIFIED!!! but also really excited! I'm going to MAC to get my make up done for free which will be great & im getting my hair colored today so it'll be nice & freshened up... still undecided on exactly what outfits ill be wearing though,

I looked and looked at knock offs but I think my dress will be great when it's all done.  I ordered the same size of the sample that I tried on and I swear the dress I got is bigger.  It does not fit the same, and so for the last few months when I looked at the pics, I just wasn't happy.  So, I'm really hoping the seamstress is going to make it perfect.  It does have the features I was looking for in a dress and it was reasonably priced.  Money is a huge stressor right now, so I feel I'm constantly talking myself out of stuff that I want to do.  :( 


Originally Posted by Brandy View Post

Teira, good luck tomorrow and let us know how it goes!!!


Tisha, what I was getting at with the more expensive dress was you could get a knock off made of the more expensive dress that you loved, so that way you will love you dress, but I see you are going to keep your dress right?

You girls rock!  I love this thread!

Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

Wow Ladies! Just checked out our stats! Four of us from this thread were top posters!


Thanks for everyone being so great and giving advice and sharing ideas.

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Teira-  How'd the shoot go?!?


Tris- That was an awesome rant!  I bet you feel better:)  Sisters can be such a special bond but also so much drama.  I know it's hard but try to just let it roll off of your back.  It sounds like she's not dealing well with her breakup (still) and is having a hard time seeing outside of that.  It is as it is, and love her behavior or not, you're still family.  Big hug!  My sister and I couldn't be more different.  Even in the way we look!  I'm a brunette with brown eyes and she's a petite blonde with blue eyes.  The main reason we're having our AHR so freakin' close to our DW is b/c she's preggo and we had to plan it around her ability to travel. I'm pretty certain that if i hadn't seen her baby pics myself that I'd not believe we were biologically related. *sigh*  I'm hoping your sister will suck it up and realize what's important....


Brandy-  I'm so glad he's shipping you new koozies!!  I thought the correct ones looked great.  What a fun gift for your guests!  How'd FI's suit fit?


Kathy-  I'm sorry you don't LOVE your dress!  There's nothing that says you HAVE to wear the original one if it truely does make you feel blah!  Are there any modifications you could make to it to feel better about it/ or in it?  Big hug!  This is the exact reason that I ended up with 2 dresses originally!  I thought I liked my original Watters dress, but just kept thinking about that other dress....and thus ended up with 2 totally different dresses, but LOVE my 2nd one.  Have you looked at Nordstrom.com?  They have some great "beachy, flowy" dresses for a great price!  Keep your head up, and keep us posted!  If nothing else, we'll get our resident shopper Brandy on the case!


I'm also a bit worried about getting my dress to Maui.  My coordinator suggested shipping it to our hotel and having it ready for us when we arrive....but I'm not sure I trust the mail system!  One of the main reasons we're "eloping" is to have it be zero stress.....can you imagine the steam coming from my ears if my dress was LOST IN THE MAIL?!?


Here's our To Do for this weekend:

shop for FI honeymoon clothes

get his measurements to order from studiosuits

find a more formal suit for him for the AHR

order signs for our AHR from etsy (I may need to start attending etsy anonymous meetings....)



Have a great weekend ladies and I'll see you back in about 100 posts!  LOL  Heart my April girls.


Mocha-  Any luck with the redo of the tanks?




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When we were down in the RM this summer to scout resorts, we found a bunch of CHEAP (like a dollar or less) maracas all over the town of Playa del Carmen.  I'm betting you could easily go out and snag the ones you need without having to worry about the hassle or cost of getting them down there.




Originally Posted by TLGnhci View Post

Teira, I love your idea for the starfish on the seats, and I also really want to do the maracas but I worry about trying to cart everything down to Mexico.  :( 

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I say go for it!  But, what worries you about the 85-90%?  Are there some features about this dress that are absolute must haves that you can communicate with the seller?  Mocha had some great points about buying a knockoff.  Yet another reason why this thread rocks!

Originally Posted by KathyW View Post

I love love love this dress!!! Its from DHGATE for 130 bucks but it says they can only make it 85-90 percent as pictured..that worrys me ... What do you think...should i risk it and pay the 130 bucks??? What would you do???productimg1261237211144.jpg



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Hello lovely April ladies!!! I feel like such a late joiner! Our wedding is April19th at the Barcelo Maya Palace. I cannot BELIEVE how fast it's coming up!!!! To the brides with the sister troubles - I feel your pain. Mine is my MOH and pretty much useless. Thank goodness for my other BM's who have completely stepped up to the plate! Just remember that their issues have nothing to do with you and when your special day comes they'll be caught up in the love and excitement just like everyone else!!! FI and I are headed across the border (we're Canadian) today to hit up target for oot bag stuff!! Grey's girl - I may need to join your Etsy Anonymous meetings!!! I've purchased probably about 15 things on their so far! We need a special budget line just for Etsy!!! ~Megan

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