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Anyone getting married in Bavaro Princess, Punta Cana?

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#31 bobbysgirl

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    Posted 05 May 2010 - 04:46 PM

    Originally Posted by Carish_02
    When did u find out the actual time for your wedding? Francelia said i will find out when i get to the resort.
    I chose my time when I secured my Date?? Hmmm...

    #32 Keiths_wife_2B

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      Posted 20 June 2010 - 08:58 AM

      I just returned from a "Francelia" wedding. She's an absolute sweetheart! She made sure I had EVERTHING I needed...I also secured the time when I got the date. Originally, wedding time was set for 6pm, but on the wedding day---it changed to 4pm. I wasn't mad though.............everything was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

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        Posted 13 July 2010 - 10:14 PM

        Hi all, I am one of those lucky brides to be married at Bavaro this February. I had the opportunity to visit this resort already and actually attended a friends wedding there, hense why I chose it as my destination. Most of my wedding party has visited this resort as well, upon my suggestion when returning, and they all absolutely loved it.

        Any resort you visit, or decide to get married at will always have negative and positive reviews, it all depends on peoples expectations and how much they have travelled.

        I've been to mutltiple resorts in the dominican, even paid 2800$ as I was maid of honor at a wedding at riu palace, and I say it was not worth it. If your looking for a fun atmosphere with lots to do, where people are friendly either it be an employee or traveller like yourself, the food was great, the weddings there (sometimes they have 4 a day) were absolutely beautiful.

        I apologize in advance if this review is long. To start off Francelia is great, there are sometimes communication barriers, however she tries her best and my friends were married there in 2006 and she is still the one that was their WC. They got married at the Gazebo, and yes you are higher then your guests, however it is more closed off from everyone else and if it's too windy that day it provides better as it is more closed off. They then had the beach party (which now requires 40 people at 65$ each) The buffet was excellent, choice for everyone, the cake was included, the dj although not that great, was open to all our request and mostly played the bride and grooms music, it was beautifully decorated and right by the beach. Ill be sure to include some pics soon. People must remember that most of the time, it's not the things or your surroundings that make the reception, its the people whom you have there. All of the guests were fun, and we shared some great laughs.

        The resort has been renovated over the summer, and I had friends that recently visited and they said they would leave to the beach, return to their rooms to find a flat screen tv had been installed, quick as that, no delay in your activities. We never had any problems with people stealing, mind you we locked our things in the safe, and we treated the employees with respect and got back the same in return. We could be walking down a trail and an employee would climb a tree to give us fresh coconut...(at riu palace they charged you 10$ US for this treatment) The buffet by the beach was excellent and the pasta bar at the main buffet was also great. If you know what it is to travel, you can avoid getting sick, don't drink the water, if you cant peel it leave it, and don't eat dairy products that have been sitting out in the sun for hours...it's only common sense. We don't have the immunities that the locals have.

        What I love about this place is that you feel safe at all times, even when leaving the resort. You may get bugged a little to buy this or that, but that is the whole point of going of the resort to shop and get some deals.

        The only bad point about this resort when I visited was the disco in the casino, some locals were there and they kept spitting all over the rugs inside, and it totally grossed me out, the place felt dingy and dark. The casino is not much to write home about when you have casino's here like Rama or Niagara, but we had a couple of friends make some money at roulette. If you are into going off the resort to get a little dancing in, there is a disco called Disco Mangu located at the Grand Flamenco next door. I've been there about 4 times and totally love it. Downstairs there is mainstream, and upstairs there house music with some really great dj's, acts, fire dancers, rollerbladers...just to name a few. We absolutely love this place, it is always packed with travellers that stay at all the Bavaro resorts. Remember when you get to the door to pay the higher admittance so that you can get in upstairs and downstairs, sometimes there are communication barriers with the employees. We took a 5$ cab ride there, but it took us 10 minutes to walk the beach back to our resort after.

        The photographer is photoshop caribe. Although they did a great job on my friends wedding and on our beach pictures throughout the week, employees keep changing. I was talking to Junior Cruz for awhile and he was totally nice, now Ive emailed over 8 times and still have not received an email back, so Ill be sure to email Francelia in regards, as they require a 25% deposit. If I don't get a hold of them soon, I may hire an external photographer and have him stay at the resort with us. They can't do much about your guests taking pics.

        Ill post some pictures as I said and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I appreciate any reviews if you have been here recently for a wedding or if you are planning on getting married at this resort. Things always change and any input is great as others great ideas. When are all of you getting married at this resort....who knows maybe we will be there all at the same time :)

        We will be there Feb 6-13 2011, Getting married Feb 10 at 4 pm (however legalizing it here first and doing a renewal of vows instead so we don't have to wait for anything) We are having the beach party reception!

        Please see attachment below, I had a little trouble attaching photos because of size restrictions.

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          Posted 28 November 2010 - 11:40 AM



          I would love to see some of your wedding pictures if you could email me at gleneice@hotmail.com. We were booked for the Grand Riviera Princess Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico fro May 7, 2011. However, im sure youve heard about the explosion and the closing of the resort. My wedding coordinator has sent us Bavaro Princess Resort as consideration for the switch. I read alot of good reviews and alot of not so good reviews. Some people were complaining about a swamp/mody odor and rude staff. This has been a total nightmare for me because all of my guest has already paid on their rooms and now i have to find another location within 6 months that is within the same price range as GRP. We originally opted for the private beach reception and hired DJ Mannia for the reception w/ the lighted dancefloor package. Now everything is cancelled great thing is DJ Mannia did offer us a full deposit back but he also does business in DR so i may just rehire him back. We originally were going with the gazebo that was included with the princess package but now that i am reading alot of people are saying that is not a great choice. I am completely confused now!!! =( I am working with destinationweddings.com and im waiting for them to let me know if my date is available for this resort. I'm hoping i can find a resort suitable for my guest budget. We have a guest party of 39 including the us. She also sent me information for Iberostar Punta Cana, but i haven't even read any reviews on them as of yet and they don't have the FREE kids offer like the Princess Resorts do. We have 5 kids attending our wedding so that is something we have to take into consideration. Wish me luck! I look forward to seeing some pics so i could get the visual of this place. Thanks in advance for everything!

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