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Wow! It is gorgeous, thank you for posting pics.  Are you worried at all about the 30 min drive for your guests (I know they will be shuttled together but not sure if I want to make them ride that long) ?  However the church is amazing! What resort are you going to be staying at if you dont mind me asking?




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Smith, have u heard from Mayte lately?  I know it usually takes a while, but we r two wks out and i'm not sure of any details on bus timing, etc, etc.  I'm going to try to swing by there 2 days before but id like to know before then lol.  Starting to sweat, havent heard from photographer lately either. good to know, thanks!  i suppose i have to go shopping for a sand kit!  add that to my list...
I heard from Mayte today, hopefully you have as well!

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I did also! :-) 


I need to have her revise the invoice though, I had a cancellation since I gave her the last count.  Speaking of, Smith, are you paying her before hand or cash day of?


My photographer is Karina Jensen... shes left to touch base with.  Hopefully I hear from her soon too!


I'm still completely overwhelmed tho, I have a million things to do and not sure how i'm going to fit it into less than 2 weeks.  I'm sure you feel the same but hopefully you are closer to the finish line than I! 


@April - we are using their DJ because the cost between the sound and hooking up an ipod and a dj is minimal.  It's like a $200 difference and you don't have to worry about the ipod all night!

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I would say try not to stress about it....I have learned that things will get done :-) At this point i dont have a lot to do (we leave Wednesday), some last minute things. And we are paying Mayte in cash on Friday when we meet with her. The sooner I can get rid of all that cash the better! I am very nervous about carrying that amount of $$ around. I also had to get a new invoice from mayte bc of changes and it was still not 100% but we discussed it and are ready to go! And we are using the DJ as well, for the cost difference its worth it for us. I would be happy to answer any questions when i het back aa well!

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I really love the look of this church, and so I think it would be worth the drive over there. We want to stay at Majestic Elegance. I think the church is around 30 minutes away from both locations; Majestic Elegance and Jellyfish.

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Originally Posted by inloveinkorea View Post


Awwww! Great to hear Mimi! 


I can't wait to hear your review. Can you also by any chance answer another question? Does Mayte take care of the timing for everything? I was wondering who organizes things like... speeches, cake cutting, first dance, etc. Is that something you plan, the DJ, or Mayte?



After we were done taking pics after the ceremony, the MC pulled us aside and asked us what order we wanted everything in and he directed that.  He just took notes on his ipad about names and timing and it was great!  Super easy!  So have an idea of the order you want and then just relay it to him.  If it helps, we did our first dance right after we were announced and our cake cutting early in the dinner (our photographer wasn't staying all night and we wanted pics of this.  It was also nice because everyone saw it.  I always find I miss the cake cutting at most weddings because it's done during the dancing).

Originally Posted by darcybride View Post


Hi Everyone!  


For those of you who stayed or are planning to stay at the Majestic Elegance, I was wondering if you had any advice on a bar area that we could host a "welcome party" cocktail hour.  We're doing this instead of a rehearsal dinner to just welcome everyone to the hotel.  We don't want to pay anything extra for the area, we just want a place where everyone can gather (there are about 45 of us).  Any suggestions would be great!  I've never been there, so I don't know the layout.  


Thank you!

We just stayed at the ME and I'd say the lobby bar (the one at the bottom of the fancy staircase) would be perfect.  There would be other people around, but it's quite nice.  Most of the other bars aren't open very late so I think that might be your only option...

Originally Posted by Lauren Bouchard View Post


Thank-you Mimi!

I am considering doing one song for the bridal party to walk down the isle, and then another song for myself and my father. Your answer will definitely help me to narrow down the songs. 


And congratulations on your wedding, Im sure it was fabulous!!!

Glad I could help!!  And yes, it was unbelievable!!


Originally Posted by Lala32 View Post


Hi all!  I've been MIA for a bit but now that I'm down to the wire and starting to stress, I'm back on ;-) 


If any of you ladies that have just had your wedding or is coming up have any good advice, i'm all ears.  I still feel like I have a ton to do!!  I still need to choose songs, confirm timing, build the OOT bags and resend Pastor York our ceremony.


Any of you do the sand ceremony? did you bring your own set down or does Mayte have?


Hi Lala32,


Don't worry, I felt the same way, but it will be fine!  I am going to try to write my review in the next couple of days so hopefully that will help.  It'll probably be super long and detailed and might be boring, but I know I always wanted to know the details from other brides :)  I think most people bring the sand ceremony set (we didn't do one) because they want to take it home as a keepsake.  

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This is true, everything will get done... i just wish I would get a reply from the photog, grr.  I'm sure everyone is busy but just tell me we are still confirmed, a time and where to meet and thats all I want.     


Smith, re: the DJ - are you giving him an idea of a playlist for the evening (or bringing your ipod) or letting him play whatever?  Really curious what he has....

I agree, I 'm also nervous about traveling with a ton of cash too.  The invoice said cash, CC or wire.  Maybe I can pay the balance as a wire and then since I'm doing the menu ala carte and tab bar, pay that in cash that night.  Otherwise im going to divy it up and give my parents and another person a chunk to carry so its not all in one spot

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