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  1. I second that on Karina! I had her shoot both the wedding and TTD and she was super fun to work with, really great. I needed alot of help with the poses too lol
  2. Ooh one more ? actually - did u have kristie Ann do ur hair at JF or the hotel? Can u PM me how much that was? I was planning on doing my own makeup but after I bought the makeup and almost died of sticker shock, I may change my mind. Thanks!
  3. Awesome review Mimi! Thanks so much for posting that... Good to know about the buses, I hadn't given that any thought. And I was thinking about adding the fire dancers - worth it?? How much was that?? YAY! Glad it went so well.
  4. Mimi- i can't wait to hear! :-) Congratulations!
  5. This is true, everything will get done... i just wish I would get a reply from the photog, grr. I'm sure everyone is busy but just tell me we are still confirmed, a time and where to meet and thats all I want. Smith, re: the DJ - are you giving him an idea of a playlist for the evening (or bringing your ipod) or letting him play whatever? Really curious what he has.... I agree, I 'm also nervous about traveling with a ton of cash too. The invoice said cash, CC or wire. Maybe I can pay the balance as a wire and then since I'm doing the menu ala carte and tab bar, pay that in cash that night. Otherwise im going to divy it up and give my parents and another person a chunk to carry so its not all in one spot
  6. I did also! :-) I need to have her revise the invoice though, I had a cancellation since I gave her the last count. Speaking of, Smith, are you paying her before hand or cash day of? My photographer is Karina Jensen... shes left to touch base with. Hopefully I hear from her soon too! I'm still completely overwhelmed tho, I have a million things to do and not sure how i'm going to fit it into less than 2 weeks. I'm sure you feel the same but hopefully you are closer to the finish line than I! @April - we are using their DJ because the cost between the sound and hooking up an ipod and a dj is minimal. It's like a $200 difference and you don't have to worry about the ipod all night!
  7. Smith, have u heard from Mayte lately? I know it usually takes a while, but we r two wks out and i'm not sure of any details on bus timing, etc, etc. I'm going to try to swing by there 2 days before but id like to know before then lol. Starting to sweat, havent heard from photographer lately either. good to know, thanks! i suppose i have to go shopping for a sand kit! add that to my list...
  8. Hi all! I've been MIA for a bit but now that I'm down to the wire and starting to stress, I'm back on ;-) If any of you ladies that have just had your wedding or is coming up have any good advice, i'm all ears. I still feel like I have a ton to do!! I still need to choose songs, confirm timing, build the OOT bags and resend Pastor York our ceremony. Any of you do the sand ceremony? did you bring your own set down or does Mayte have?
  9. there is definitely a fee, i'm sure! I actually don't have a WC because I'm not getting married at the resort, just staying there, but maybe I can lug them down to the bar for the welcome drinks.... Does anyone know also if the resort will allow you to take the bracelets off so they don't show in photos? thanks for the help!
  10. Awesome, thanks! I'm sure the front desk will know who I am then after I take it off for the wedding AND for the TTD the next day! I'll double check with the majestic board too - maybe they can confirm. Zogalak, I'm getting married before hand also... we ultimately felt it was not worth the hassle to get everything translated into spanish and back and you are also at the mercy of the schedule of the judge (i think there is only like 1 in the area?). I struggled with 2 weddings for a but but I'm perfectly ok with it now. In fact, I have to go to Vegas for work in a week and a half and altho it's a little early, I'm honestly contemplating just making it "legal" there - it would be much more fun than city hall! Dec will be our recognized wedding date but we would consider this just a formality/legality, whichever way you look at it.
  11. Hi! Random question that is not very Jellyfish related but wondering for any who has already gotten married at Jellyfish but stayed at a resort with wristbands, were you able to take them off for the occasion and just get another wristband when returning to the resort that evening? would rather not have neon plastic bracelet in my photos lol Thanks!!
  12. Hi Ladies! I'm staying at Majestic Colonial and was wondering if any of you knew how much it was to drop OOT bags in the guest room and if there is a contact to arrange? Appreciate the help!
  13. HI Bridetobe2013! If you want to do a group contract directly with the hotel and without a travel agent, it's true, you would be the responsible party for payment as well as your guests reservations. So for example, if I was going to attend your wedding, I would be contacting you to add me to the hotel list and pay you for the hotel. You would be submitting the total group list/dates to the hotel along with a deposit (usually one upfront) and full payment on the date in the contract prior to arriving. You would also be responsible for hitting the guaranteed # of used rooms in the contract and if you don't hit that number, you would have to pay the difference. Should your guests decide that they want to book themselves and find a room online for cheaper, this could work against you. The only advantage of a group contract is that you could get a few free nights or other ammenities that could help offset some costs. I believe you could do a group contract with a travel agent as well where they would be the person your guests would have to go through rather than yourself but in the end, you are most likely still responsible for hitting that guaranteed number of rooms. I would suggest however talking to a travel agent first. With that being said, I've asked my guests to book on their own and gave them a preferred travel agent in case they prefer that route. At this point, I think it's 50/50 - some are booking with the agent, some are booking online but it's less stressful for me and I'm not responsible for anyone missing any cut offs or not paying. It's all on them. Hope that helps a little!
  14. Hi! I struggled with the same thing however we decided to do a symbolic and will get married probably the week before at home. There were a few reasons - the first two being the more important: - the cost and effort to translate everything into spanish (including divorce papers as we were both previously married) - we'd be at the mercy of the judge's availability. I am a little flexible with an hour or two before or after my preferred time but to run the risk of him only being available in the AM or some other inconvenient time, wasn't worth it to me - getting married legally at home would ensure that it is in fact legal and there will not be problems down the road Just seemed easier to split it up, although I agree, the thought of having 2 weddings is odd to me but FH and I decided that we would go to city hall, have a nice dinner after but not make a huge deal out of it. We wouldn't exchange rings until the 'symbolic' in DR and we'd recognize the symbolic as our wedding day.
  15. Sorry, Kristin! Typo - sometimes I wish you can edit these posts after they post
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