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We are going to Sandals Negril in May for our wedding. I have a few concerns I am hoping someone can help me with.


Originally my brother and sister in law were coming also and staying at Sandals. Things have since changed as they split up. So now he is coming but not her. He is staying at a cheaper hotel on the cliffs in Negril and bringing a friend.


1. I had already booked a canopy tour for my brother and sister in law for when we are going on the tour also. Can he get a day pass and him and his friend still go on the tour?


2. Can he purchase day passes for all the days to come to our resort? And what are the time limits on the day passes?


3. Can he purchase a day pass for Beaches Negril since we are planning on going out there after our sunset ceremony since we have other guests and a child staying at Beaches?


4. Would anyone know how much it costs to get transport from the cliffs to Sandals?


Hope that wasn't too long. Thank you in advance for any help!

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Hi Jamaica 0501!


My wedding is at Sandals Negril in December! From what I understood from my TA, the day passes could only be obtained for the actual day of the wedding. My MOH and the MB are single, and not dating, and they were both going to stay at Beaches, until they heard they could join us at Sandals ONLY on the day of wedding. So, instead, they opted, as friends, to share a room at Sandals. It's only the 4 of us going, so it would have been a real shame to only see them 1 day of the 5 days they are spending until we leave for our honeymoon- unless of course we left the resorts...


Not much on your questions, but I hope this helps a bit!



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