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hi there girls, I need your help... The website I work for is writing a book about Photobombs, and one of the categories is Wedding Photobomb... do any of you have photobombs pictures in your album and want the picture credited in our book? Please PM if you can help, here is the info:


You know what a Photobomb is, don't you? And wouldn't you like to walk into any book store in the world and point out YOUR photo in a book! Now's your chance. Oddee, an entertainment blog on oddities, has secured their first book deal and are putting together a fun book about Photobombs.

And they want your help. If you have your own hilarious photobombs lying around, send them to Oddee for a chance to be included in the book. They also give you a photo credit so you can see your name in print too. How cool is that? You must own these pictures and be willing to give Oddee permission to print them in the book.

Find out more about the Oddee book project and also some examples of the types of Photobombs they're looking for.




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E-pics, $550, Wedding pics $2600, Underwater TTD pics $1100, Video $1700 (from a friend who produce movies and TV show)




Great idea! I think it will be a fun book!  I always got fun emails with odd pics (see below, it is nothing about nudity, it is the arm of the big colleague! LOL), but thx god I didn't got much of those at my wedding.  My sister brought her bf with her to my wedding, so I do have some mild level weird pics with him starrrrring us from the far like a psycho stalker. if you want to see..PM me.



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