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Have you seen these lanterns online?

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Hi Girls


My internet searching is getting me nowhere!


I saw these lamps in a shop window - they are about 30cms tall - and about $60 each!


Click the image to open in full size.


I would love to use them as centrepieces... There are battery operated candles at our resort already (in Fiji) so we are really just looking for the shell of the lamp - and it doesn't need a fancy base...


Anyway, just thought I would try you ladies in case someone has seen them before somewhere!!




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super cute! but i would be careful about bringing in shells or anything made of shells into another country and passing customs. i don't think it's allowed.

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OK, so just as a follow up incase anyone is reading this wanting to find them too -


An Aussie bride on another forum mentioned that she had seen lots while vacationing in Vietnam - Well I never thought to try and look for a vietnamese onlien retailler!!!


Two minutes on google and I have found an online retailler!!!


They even have one specificall for candles insted of light globes!!!


They are silk so no customs issues...


http://www.vietnamonlinestore.com/produ ... _offset_=0


and at less than $5US a pop - they are a BARGIN!!!!

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