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Originally Posted by mekanabr View Post
Welcome and congrats! Choosing a location and resort is so difficult, I'm still trying to do so. Moon Dance Cliffs in Negril was my first choice and I was totally set on it... until I started to consider the price that my guests would have to pay. Its a fabulous resort and the weddding packages are great but since there wasn't a beach I didn't think there was enough to do at the resort...esp once I considered some of the bigger all inclusives. For my guests, it was too expensive (most couples are only a few yrs out of college and newly married themselves...so almost $500/nt wasn't do-able!)

But it's your wedding so you should choose whatever resort you love! Good luck with your planning!
Yeah, this is why I am reconsidering them. I don't want the price to be way overboard for my guest. Mine too are young with families.

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