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It's almost my turn, and I still haven't done this. Oops!

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Oh ladies, my day is almost here, and even though my destination wedding got derailed, I am still a part of the BDW family, and as such I know that I’m expected to share all my fun photos and planning tricks and whatnot…

So, I’m really behind on sharing everything! I guess I’ll start from the beginning when we met. I was working my way through my sophomore year of college, when one of my sorority sisters got me a job working with her at Blimpie….so embarrassing to admit that I had a dead end job, but I was in college, so whatever. Anyways, there was this really cute guy who worked next door at Hollywood Video. So, of course we always referred to him as “Hot Hollywood Video Guy.”

He would come in several times a day trying to get free food and just generally harassing the staff. I was closing with my friend Cassie (now my MOH) one night, and here comes Andy, for the fourth time that night. “Oh great, it’s Hollywood Video Guy again. What do you want now?”

To that he replied “Do you even know my name?”

“Yeah, you’re Andy.”

“Yeah, well okay, ugly Blimpie Chick…”

Then I cut him off by screaming at him, several choice words which I didn’t even know were in vocabulary. He left my store and went back to work, but 15 minutes later wrote a note on a napkin apologizing and had Cassie give it to me. I just assumed he was trying to make up for his rudeness and brushed it off, still thinking he was a total ass.

An hour later he came back….yet again, and slammed a note against our glass door asking me to come to his store when I got done closing. So, after close I went next door and demanded to know what the hell he wanted.

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to call you ugly, but I get really nervous around girls. I just wanted to ask you to be my date to my 21st birthday party.”

That’s how it all began, and I STILL haven’t been able to get rid of him.

Andy and I started our journey to the altar 2 years ago this Saturday (our wedding day, woo hoo!!!). We had only been together for four months at the time, and had gotten really close to one another incredibly quickly.

We had had dinner with my parents two days prior to his proposal, where I had told my mother that with my luck, when I was proposed to that my future husband would probably do it in the most humiliating fashion possible, most likely in a public place, and if he were incredibly tacky about it, he’d do it somewhere “like a freaking Olive Garden.” My words exactly….God I wish I would have thought about that a bit more before I spoke.

Anyways, the day of the proposal I was running late for an exam in my psychology of women class, and my car wouldn’t start. So Andy comes running out of his house, saying “Oh, it’s okay, I’ll take you to class, we’ll worry about the car later.”

Three hours later, I’m finished with my exam, and in a generally foul mood because I don’t even have my car with me, when Andy insists that we go out to dinner, so that neither of us would have to cook anything that night. Okay, fine. Where does he take me? The freaking Olive Garden (which ironically is where we went on our first date, but that’s another story entirely). Ugh…whatever, let’s just eat some food and go home.

We get through with dinner, and Andrew decides he just has to have dessert. As we’re sitting there waiting, I realize that he is INCREDIBLY nervous. He was sitting there fidgeting every five seconds, and looking around like a crack head surrounded by members of the K-9 unit.

As dessert arrived, I didn’t have any time to process what was happening. On the plate is “Will you marry me?”


Click the image to open in full size.

and as I look to my right, there’s Andy on one knee. As it turns out, he had purposely disconnected my battery cables, so that I had to accept a ride to campus from him....that little sneak. Looking back, I love our proposal story, it’s so fitting of how our relationship works, where he can take exactly what I don’t think I want to do and turn it into the most wonderful experiences.

Ugh, I am at work, and my cable for my digital is at home, so I will have to post my photos and such later tonight, and complete my engagement thread…

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