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Tip For Calling Overseas

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Hi Ladies,


I don't know what is wrong with me. I should have thought of this MONTHS earlier. I would have saved a couple of hundred dollars to be sure. I have been racking up quite a phone bill calling the Bahamas trying to plan my wedding. Well, it finally occurred to me to just get an international calling card from one of the local "bodegas"..small corner stores....here in NYC. I did this years ago for another purpose and I was able to make many international calls at a fraction of the cost. In any event, I purchased two $5 cards. I just made at least 5 calls on one card just now...only able to speak to two people... and I still have $4.02 cents left!!! Bottom line...when I started, I was told that I could talk just over THREE HOURS to the Bahamas for my lousy $5.


Just wanted to post this in case any other brides like me forgot that it might be cheaper to simply purchase an international calling card from a neighborhood store.

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Originally Posted by TA Maureen View Post
You can also try Skype, either pay as you go or monthly. It has worked out a lot cheaper (yes, TA's have to pay for our international calls ourselves). Check the region first though. My sister tried to use Skype for her FI who is deployed overseas and it did not work for her.
Great idea!! I hadn't thought of that.

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