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whitande.com is HORRIBLE based out of Minnesota!

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I found Whitney on craigslist and was given an amazing deal! Her pictures looked amazing and I was so excited to work with her. After finding out we no longer were having a DW I contacted her to also look into take pics of our wedding and not just the reception. She tripled her price for adding the ceremony. It was insane. After the issues I had with her concerning getting my engagement pics my FI and I decided to look somewhere else and I am glad we did!

Come to find out one of our friends who used her didnt get all the pics that were taken at the wedding. She knew there were poses they did but never saw the pics. It was so frustrating to her! Turns out after threatening a lawsuit Whitney finally sent her the additional 450 pics she had from the wedding and locked them so my friend cant edit them. In the contact it states FULL RIGHTS to the photos. This lady is soooo bad at communicating and you dont get what you ask for. I am glad I didnt have to go through with her as my wedding photog but feel horrible for my friend who has to. Her wedding was back in September and she just got ALL the photos.

Please if you live in Minnesota do not sign anything with them!

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