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Melia Caribe and Outside Photographers?

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#1 alisonu22

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    Posted 25 December 2009 - 10:40 PM

    Ok, so I've read all over the place about this extra fee the melia caribe charges for outside vendors. I then hear people say it's not an issue, and they aren't really charging it. So, i'm confused. I would love to use an outside, punta cana based photographer and I'm aware of the day pass fee I would have to pay for him. Would any brides who have been there recently let me know if they have heard anything about this. I've read the speculations, I just need the facts.

    FYI, the WC from melia said there would just be a day pass fee and nothing else, but the "romance guide" she sent me said that there would be an additional fee. I just don't want there to be issues the week i get there and lose my deposit with my outside photographer.

    Also, if you have any info on how the bar works with the tropical fairy tale package reception that would be great. I heard 2 hrs of open bar is included but then i keep reading about a set up fee.

    Thanks for all of your help...this forum has been fabulous.

    #2 jessandeamon

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      Posted 27 December 2009 - 12:51 AM

      I am right there with you with my questions for our wedding in August. Any information you learn please let me know. What vendor are you going with for photography?

      #3 Dmitri_Markine

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        Posted 27 December 2009 - 03:35 AM

        In the past they'd charge only a day fee. Lately, some resorts started charging an additional fee for photo/video vendors. Seems like they are loosing a lot of clients to outside photographers/videographers and looking to recover that with an extra fee.

        #4 alisonu22

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          Posted 28 December 2009 - 12:35 AM

          I'm probably going with HDC photography, they have been so good with returning my e-mails and their pictures are fabulous. They told me that they were at the Melia Caribe in November and the client just had to pay for a day pass.

          #5 DarcyJAde

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            Posted 30 December 2009 - 12:02 PM

            I would directly ask your WC. When we started planning it was just a day pass, and night pass if they weren't staying the night. So it wasn't an issue, however they are charging $1000 copyright fee now. So you better ask.

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            #6 Juan Guzman dfotoart

            Juan Guzman dfotoart
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              Posted 02 January 2010 - 01:40 PM

              The last time I performed a wedding at Melia they asked for my mail and next day sent the following communication:

              "Please find attached important information regarding future use of hotel facilities for Picture and video services.
              If there is any question please fell free to contact me.
              Juan Carlos Peralta
              Groups & Conventions Director.
              Meli¡ Caribe Tropical
              B¡varo I Punta Cana I Dominican Republic
              Tel: + 809 - 221 1290 ext- 6209 I Fax: + 809 - 688 6589
              Melia Caribe Tropical Resort | Punta Cana All Inclusive Resorts, Dominican Republic
              Please note that as of May 1st 2009 any photographer that decides to work with any of our guests and use our hotel venue and or premises for commercial Photographs and or Video will need to purchase a mandatory lease of copyright.
              This right will be granted on a day to day basis and should be acquired Prior to the Photo shoot. Price for each copyright lease is granted @ US$ 1,000. Please note that this right will only be granted and should only be paid by photographers who wish to use our premises for income purposes. This charge is NOT part nor will it be presented to our guests only
              companies ahor receive an income out of the use of our ground for visual images.
              If you have any confirmed weddings up until this date please forward these names to us in order to wave this amount as exceptions. For any new business after the receipt of this message, please take into account this price will be mandatory and take it into account before you present any price or quotation of services to Melia Caribe Tropical wedding Guests."


              I do not know what really happened since then, but like others suggest, ask about it before you make your decision.
              They say it is a charge to the photographer, not the couple, but as pay the photographer does not include this within the budget provided for the wedding?
              Juan Guzman/Destination Wedding Photography

              #7 jessandeamon

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                Posted 03 January 2010 - 11:40 PM

                This is definitely a concern of mine as we really like this one photographer but they said they dont work at Melia any longer because of this fee. I am waiting to hear back from the WC so hopefully I will have some more info to post. :)

                #8 drm6285

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                  Posted 04 January 2010 - 10:22 PM

                  I, too, have been perplexed over this issue since May when all this drama started. My TA has tried to get more info on this for me and has had a really difficult time obtaining a definite answer.
                  I contacted Photo Souvenir and they did mention the fee. If you have an email from your wedding coordinator stating you would only have to pay a day pass I would keep that on file for sure and reconfirm it. They would have to honor it if that were the case.
                  This photograher fee issue has really turned out to be a PIA, and I'm not sure I would have chosen Melia if I had known this at the time I booked the resort. I feel like I should not have to pay it since we booked the resort/wedding date before the fee was put into effect. Hope you get it figured out!!!

                  #9 Dmitri_Markine

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                    Posted 07 January 2010 - 01:45 PM

                    Ok, I been seeing this $1,000 fee on a quite a few boards and I'd like to clarify on that. I got in touch with Melia resorts and got a response from them.

                    If your photographer is staying at the resort,there are no additional fees.
                    If you are bringing an outside photographer to shoot your wedding just for 1 day, then you will need to pay a $95 day fee.
                    That's it!

                    I think $1,000 rumors started from photographers who were inquiring about photographing at the resort and perhaps the Sales Rep thought it was for commercial purposes. This fee may apply if you start selling your images as fine art,etc to everyone else.

                    Hopefully this info helps a bit :)

                    #10 alisonu22

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                      Posted 08 January 2010 - 11:26 PM

                      Dmitri is correct...I just heard back from my WC and she said that they no longer charge that $1000 fee, just the day pass. I hope this post helped out some people. Good luck to all of you

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