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  1. Hi every one and wellcome to our best forum in the web. Some pictures from Dreams La Romana HERE for you orientation. With the best wishes for every one. Juan Guzman
  2. Congratulations!! Welcome to the forum and happy planning! DPC is a good choice. dfotoart
  3. Congratulations!! Welcome to the forum, nice place for get nice info and happy planning! dfotoart
  4. Hi japonick, do you can hire those guys working like vendors in Bahia Principe, Rio San Juan. They are great DJ for all. Have nice planning time. Juan Guzman
  5. Like others who have left links in this thread I'm wedding photographer in Punta Cana as well. I think there is no reason to doubt the quality of photographers based in Bavaro-Punta Cana, with some exceptions. When I make prints or photo books and collecting these in person I have observed the physical quality of the work of my colleagues and it is really good. Creativity and style is something else and something more personal. Also, for those who come to marry to DR is sometimes difficult to select someone on line, that's why referrals are others who have used this or that photographer and is the purpose of this forum. Hispaniola Photo, Photo Souvenirs, Juan Guzman (dfotoart), Michael Weiler, Alloco, and some others; all us are active around Punta Cana and are known so well by others in the hotel's area. Hotels have inside photo services too. Said that, please feel relaxed with quality, give one try find out the best prices, the best coverage and the more comfortable staff for your wedding. Juan Guzman/DWP
  6. I hope this info be helpfull for you. -------------------------- VAGUADA AND WINDS OF EAST / SOUTHEAST OF THE COUNTRY caused flooding Dominican territory will remain under the influence of the drag combination of clouds, caused by a prevailing wind of the East / Southeast and moisture provided by a valley located south of the island. It predicts an increase in the activity of rain with possible thunderstorms, mainly over the regions Northeast, Southeast and Central Cordillera. Furthermore, the frontal system located in the central portion of Cuba, with rapid movement to the east / southeast, come close to our forecast area from tomorrow, Sunday, increasing the occurrence of rains in most parts of the provinces. The sea conditions in the Atlantic Coast next presents an improvement, but swimmers should take precautions when using the spa area as well the same, operators of small and fragile vessels should navigate with caution on the coast, not venturing out to sea abnormal winds and waves. According to recent analysis, for the next 48 hours the tide will turn dangerous again in the Atlantic and Mona Passage. ----------------- Juan Guzman/Destination Wedding Photography PD.: Currently, this changing of wet or soft rain at night. May condition coming better for Friday.
  7. The last time I performed a wedding at Melia they asked for my mail and next day sent the following communication: -------------- "Please find attached important information regarding future use of hotel facilities for Picture and video services. If there is any question please fell free to contact me. Regards, Juan Carlos Peralta Groups & Conventions Director. Meliá Caribe Tropical Bávaro I Punta Cana I Dominican Republic Tel: + 809 - 221 1290 ext- 6209 I Fax: + 809 - 688 6589 Melia Caribe Tropical Resort | Punta Cana All Inclusive Resorts, Dominican Republic Please note that as of May 1st 2009 any photographer that decides to work with any of our guests and use our hotel venue and or premises for commercial Photographs and or Video will need to purchase a mandatory lease of copyright. This right will be granted on a day to day basis and should be acquired Prior to the Photo shoot. Price for each copyright lease is granted @ US$ 1,000. Please note that this right will only be granted and should only be paid by photographers who wish to use our premises for income purposes. This charge is NOT part nor will it be presented to our guests only companies ahor receive an income out of the use of our ground for visual images. If you have any confirmed weddings up until this date please forward these names to us in order to wave this amount as exceptions. For any new business after the receipt of this message, please take into account this price will be mandatory and take it into account before you present any price or quotation of services to Melia Caribe Tropical wedding Guests." ------------- I do not know what really happened since then, but like others suggest, ask about it before you make your decision. They say it is a charge to the photographer, not the couple, but as pay the photographer does not include this within the budget provided for the wedding? Juan Guzman/Destination Wedding Photography
  8. I hope that all couples having 2010 wedding at Dreams Punta Cana, fill your expectations. Dreams is a resort with many possibilities (no resort is perfect), but for me as a photographer, I find very comfortable with environments, the sunsets, by geographic location are beautiful and the support staff is excellent. May your wedding be successful! Juan Guzman/Destination Wedding Photography
  9. Dreams beach is the best place for sunset wedding. Taje one look in this BEACH PIC. I hope to be helpfull for you. Juan Guzman/dfotoart
  10. I want show you some picture from a COUPLE ALONE WEDDING. I hope do you get some ideas. juan guzman/dfotoart
  11. I want to ilustrate Dreams facilities for ones interested in that. for me is the best sunset in al around PC. Juan Guzman/dfotoart
  12. Hi Lindsay, We have a lot of pictures from PPR. I hope you find out there something help you. Have nice planning time. Juan Guzman - dfotoart
  13. Welcome! Really great WD list! Advice, images, guideline....for sure you go to get it here. happy planning. Juan Guzman - dfotoart
  14. Welcome!! You catch one special date. I hope do you find here all the help and wonderful relationship level with all couples on the way. You come to the right please. Congratulations! Juan Guzman - dfotoart
  15. Misha, The most beautiful aptitude I find in the forum is the people already married given help to this one on the road. Ask whatever you want or look in the threats already open and someone come to help you. Have nice planning. Juan Guzman/dfotoart
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