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I think it is perfectly fine not to send out anything until you have a final date set. We JUST sent our STDs this week and now we are less than one year away! Everyone already knows about it and most have sent in deposits. Email would be the best way to communicate in the meantime. I say set up a wedding website (ours has been up and running since Dec) with all of the general information on it and update it frequently.
I took a similiar strategy. The month I got engaged I sent an email saying that I was engaged and was planning a DW in March 2011 and to check our wedding website for more info.

In the meantime, I dealt directly with the hotel (have a WC, no TA) and secured a date and room block for guests at discounted rate. Once the contract was signed I sent out the STDs with the exact date. The STDs went out this month- so guests have ample notice.

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