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  1. Hello fellow GP Brides! I am back from my DW and the wedding day could not have been more perfect! We were married on May 4th in the gazebo at 4 pm and then followed with a reception at the Poseidon at 6 pm. I will be writing my full review shortly (once more pics are available) but I just wanted you all to rest assured that the resort is stunning and the staff will do everything they can to ensure your big day is exactly what you imagined it would be
  2. Back from my wedding! As I mentioned above, I booked Renova Spa for my hair and makeup and I promised to report back on the results. We arrived at the salon for 1:00 pm and my ceremony was at 4:00 pm. There was another wedding the same day as mine but that wedding party was gone by the time we arrived. One of my bridesmaids decided to do her own hair/makeup, while another was having only makeup done (she has really short hair) and the other was having hair and makeup. The whole process for all three of us took about 1 1/2 hours. I did not want an updo, as I never wear my hair up. I settled on a side ponytail (with extensions) because wearing your hair down is not the best idea, given the humidity. I was very very happy with how my hair turned out. The stylist was very fast (at the trial it was under half an hour although I did arrive with clean dry hair). Below are some pics of the end result. And I should also add that my ceremony was at 4:00 pm. My hair was ready by about 2:30 or so and the hairstyle held for the entire afternoon/evening. A I am pretty picky with my makeup. I was happy with the face coverage/blush and the colours she chose for the eye makeup, but to be honest I changed it up a bit when I got back to my room. I am rarely happy with makeup artist's coverage of my under eye circles or my (non-existent) eyebrows, so I added a bit to that. I didn't get a good pic of the the makeup while I was at the salon but below is a pic of the final result. I'm afraid I don't have my pro pics yet, or I would have a better close up: Hope this helps!
  3. Actually, I just had the same situation with my guy. We just got back from Jamaica and the groomsmen were wearing linen shirts that were somewhat see through. They all wore white undershirts underneath. My husband (wow - weird to say that!) sweats quite a bit and you could not tell at all. I think the undershirt actually helped with respect to that issue. Good luck!
  4. I am bringing down my table runners, chair sashes and centrepieces. I used wedding linens direct for the sashes and runners. I'm actually dividing up everything amongst the wedding party and my parents to avoid going over the weight allowance for luggage. It takes some planning ahead of time, but it makes sense to me for everyone to bring a little rather than just my fiance and I bringing a LOT!
  5. We also went with the Xamaica menu. Unfortunately, our invitations went out long before the menus were sent to us. We just had to contact everyone coming down to ask, but it actually wasn't such a huge undertaking.
  6. I was corresponding with with Nina until she left. I have found Natalie very helpful and quick to respond so far. She has answered all of my (many many...) questions very promptly.
  7. I also have booked with Renova for myself and my bridesmaids for my May 04/11 wedding. I'm also having extensions (clip on) put in as well. I'll post pics and a review after the wedding.
  8. It's my understanding that there is a departure fee, but when I talked to my TA about it, the fee was included in the total cost of the trip. I'm in Canada though. Not sure if that makes any difference.
  9. Okay, thanks for letting me know! We'll probably also use my bouquet and the BM's (5 of them) bouquets as centrepieces. I have another 7 on top of that, so that should be enough.
  10. Thank you! I am so please with them Actually, I found them online at weddingpaperdivas.com. I was seriously considering making my own until I found these. They were exactly my colours and so simple. I knew right away that I wanted them but I continued to do more research to see if I could find something more local (the invites are in California and I'm in Toronto, Canada). But the shipping was quite reasonable, so we decided just to go for it
  11. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. My dress has a corset, but I really feel like I need some more support. I tried the dress with a strapless bra, but it doesn't sit right. I'm busty, so I really feel I can't go without a bra. I think I will get something built into the dress.
  12. I am definitely doing a flower, so thank you for this thread! Lots of great ideas!
  13. Thank you for this thread! I really need ideas for the groomsmen attire!