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Okay...so I finally figured out how to create my own Save The Dates and Monogram, but now I have no idea what I did. I have a large initial as the monogram using Goudy Initialen as the font. Then, I created a text box to write our first names over top of the large initial and also the date and location. Everything looks perfect when I view it on the screen, but when I print it, the initial is nowhere to be found. It just shows our names and the date and location on a white background instead of over the initial?? I am so confused & have tried this in both Word and Publisher - same issue on both!


Anyone that knows what I am doing wrong, please help!!




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Hmm... I'm not sure. Is there any way you could post the document you've saved it on and one of us can try to play around with it (without altering it if possible) to get it to work??

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