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Do not buy from lulucarmen - warning!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Jennybell1 View Post
Thanks ladies...I have bought from other brides on here since then and haven't had a problem, so dont be afriad to purchase from people on here. I would just make sure you look at their status and possibly stay away from someone who still has "noob" status. Now that doesnt mean it cant happen from anyone else...but atleast you know they are somewhat of a veteran on here.
It was an unfortunate experience for all of the ladies involved in this, however we have learned from it and in the end, hopefully put the word out there to be cautious and ask all the right questions prior to purchasing.

Thanks again for all your support throughout all of this and your words of wisdom. Im sure many brides will learn from our mistakes!

Glad to hear that you have had better experiances since then. I've found some really cute stuff on here and hearing (reading:) you say this puts my mind at ease. Thanks for the update!

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