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Do not buy from lulucarmen - warning!!!!!

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i'm so happy you ladies are finally getting your refunds! That had to be so frustrating. It is good that lulacarmen has come back to try to explain what happened; however, it does seem fishy to me that that many packages were lost at the same time. Just glad its ending well for everyone!

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Originally Posted by finzup View Post
my refund still says "pending".... don't know why it's taking so long...
Hi Katie,

She emailed me tonight and said that your refund should go thru by Dec 1 as her paypal account has limited access. Bc of this I have to go another route in receiving my refund. I think I am going thru western union with her.
She might be emailing you tonight about it. Carmen also said that she would be contacting paypal tomorrow to talk with them about it to see what the hold up is.
Just wanted to give you a heads up
Take care
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I got my package today in the mail....I have let Carmen know and am happy this in now all behind me. Some discrepency with the dates the pkg was mailed so not too sure about the date issues on the package vs what the postal outlet told me but really that doesnt matter to me. Im just happy to have my first aid kits.

I hope Katie and Stamparama get your pkgs too!!

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I'm really happy that everything worked out for you ladies! It sucks that someone that dishonest would be on here. I wouldn't believe a word she said because at the end of the day it should never have taken her that long to respond to all of you, especially when it's for items related to a wedding and something that is time sensitive.


I thought this forum would be a really safe place to buy things, since all of us are in the same boat. Since I am a newbie I wanted to say thanks for all the eye-opening advice. I will definitely be more careful before I buy!


Good luck ladies!

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my paypal refund finally got deposited into my account. It was pending for quite a while. I'm just glad this is all over with and eveyrone hs either getting a refund, or getting their stuff. (I did not ever receive my stuff, but at this point a refund is good enough for me)

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