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Things to do in the Riviera Maya

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I am working on my things to do section on my website. Anyone have suggestions? Also, if you know of a better company to do these excursions with, let me know. So far I have this:

zip line Alltournative | Mayan Zip Line

Xcaret Cancun Mexico - Xcaret Park Eco Archaeological Theme Park natural Cancun tour

Xel-ha Riviera Maya Mexico Xel-Ha Ecological Water Theme Park

yal ku lagoon Akumal Direct Reservations: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Eco-Tours


deep sea fishing

Diving the Cenotes scuba diving cenotes playa del carmen

shopping in playa del carmen

golf in puerto aventuras (across from our hotel)

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I read mixed reviews about Xel-ha. Some people says its wonderful, others say its crowded & you can find better snorkling for less money. Maybe it depends on the season or day. I thought I'd put it on the list for people iterested, but I figured I'd go snorkling at Yal Ku lagoon instead. I have not been to either of these places which is why feedback is great. I have only been to Cancun. I was 17 & all I wanted to do was buy T-shirts, drink at the hotel bar & go to Senor frogs. This time around I want an adventure!


Has anyone done the zip lines? All the excursions I could find involved bike riding. I fell off a bike in high school & haven't been on one since. I think I should learn to ride again so I can do the zip line.

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I have mentioned this on threads before, but The Mayan Encounter by Altournative was AWESOME! It combined several activities into one day, and was just so fun. My fiance and I travel all over and do tons of excursions, and we both agree this is the best one we have ever done!

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