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Jos. A Bank - Men's Suits

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Matt is going to wear a kahki suit to the wedding. Because there are so many variations in color, I ordered two and will be sending one back.


We visited a local Jos. A Bank store in Simi Valley. My FI is on the smaller side so their selection in store wasn't that great. There was however the most helpful gentleman that worked there, Ru Mojadidi. He's been in the suit business for about 20 years and could tell you anything and everything. He warned us that the online service was notorious for sending the same size pant as the jacket your ordered so if you order a 38 Jacket, you'll receive a 38 pant..lol Matt is not a cylinder so I called after placing my order to confirm it would be correct. FYI: pant is normally 6 numbers smaller than jacket (38 jacket/32 pants) and the best way to measure for a jacket is to try it on...


The company has a very good return policy and free shipping on orders over $175. They also have very good sales from time to time. Several of their suits are around $100..


Online customer service.. not so good. They ship 2-day free. I ordered the suits on a Thursday and Tuesday when they didn't arrive, I called and my order was still waiting for cc authorization. 5 minutes later it was approved but annoying that I had to call. The customer rep said she would have them overnighted at no additional cost, guess what, I got them in two days... lol




Here are the two suits we ordered:

Stays Cool 2-Button Wool Suit- Stone- $299


We saw this suit in store. It was labeled as "Tan" but was quite green. We decided to order online in Stone. Matt liked the "Tan" but I wanted something lighter. We're planning on semi-matching the pant colors to the groomsmen pants. The images in their catalog looked nothing like the suit in person. It should have been labeled olive, but looked great in the photo.


This suit is 100% wool and was very well made. It does have a slight pattern due to the weave of the fabric, but I don't think it will show in photos.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.


Here is the 2nd suit we ordered

Executive 2-Button Poplin Suit- Tan- $99 (I think I paid $150 but it's lower today)- It very much reminded me of the Target suit, which I actually liked the color of but wasn't made very well.. we wanted something he would wear again.

It is a cotton/polyester blend and while it feels light, unless it's 100% natural fibers, it won't breath very well. aka groom who sweats buckets!

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.


Comparison of two

Click the image to open in full size.


I prefer the color of the less expensive suit, but Matt really liked the first one and I'm picking my battles...lol basically he said if he had to choose one to wear again after the wedding it would be the first one. This coming from a guy who only wears suits to weddings and funerals so I'm not about to make him wear anything he doesn't feel comfortable in.


Just wanted to share my experience. I love shopping online, but sometimes colors are tricky. Now on to the groomsmen!

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