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Hi everyone,


I have searched the forum for monogram help, but am having a VERY hard time doing one myself. I guess i'm just not great a computer desining. Could anyone help me out? I want to get some stickers , etc. made up for our invites. If so, could you private message me or email me?


smile03.gifThanks for your help!

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Hey Mel, Are you wanting help specifically with the DIY version of these, or would you like the link to where I ordered mine?!?! LOL! I wasn't able to open some of the templates and whatnot that were posted here, and didn't have the time/confidence to make them myself either so I paid my small fee and got them done for me. I don't at all regret it either because I LOVE them!!


Here's a couple quick links to other threads that might get you going in the right direction:BDW/forum/f69/how-do-i-get-logo-50017/


This one you need to have enough points to open the files, but will definitely help you through... just post your heart out if you aren't at the 150 number just yet... Instructions for Powerpoint Logo


And I personally used aylee designs.


Good luck!!

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I know how you feel! I spent countless hours trying to make one myself and finally realized I don't have the skills to do what I want and enlisted a pro! I used Jennifer Johnston Designs that I found on Etsy (Custom Monograms Logo Design & much more by jennjohnstondesigns) and she did a fantastic job. I paid $10 US for 7 different monograms and I love them all! Now my problem is picking my favorite! :) I would highly recommend saving yourself the stress and getting someone with the know-how to do them for you. And it's so inexpensive!


Click the image to open in full size.

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Hi Mel!

Oh I can totally understand. I was going through the same problem a week ago when I was thinking of my wedding invitations. Lucky for me, our wedding planner recommended this website for us: Monogram Wedding - Welcome! . I also got a code: BRIDE, so when I ordered my invites I wrote that code at the checkout and got a 10% discount!


Easy to use program, I could visually see when I was editing my text and moving it around. Some really cool stuff they've got there.


And guess what! In 1 week I had my invites, exactly like I designed them, even better than I expected.


Try them out, I'm more than in love with mine.love.gif



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