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  1. Good morning, ladies! I am soooo excited. My FI and I fly out to Mexico in just a few hours and I couldn't be more thrilled. I've been planning this wedding for quite some time, and I'm so glad that it's here and we get to spend that time together and with family. But of course, like the very last minute type of person I am, I'm still working on my welcome letter, lol. I'd like to thank all the ladies on the forum for all the wonderful ideas I got and the motivation to make some of these things on my own, ie the welcome letter. For anyone that knows me, I don't do arts and crafts but with everyone's positive attitude on the forum I was able to make some things and they turned out pretty nice. I'll take as many pictures as humanly possible and post them as soon as I can. When I write again I'll be a Mrs.
  2. I knew I wasn't the only Law & Order fiend on here!!! I love the original and SVU, when CI came out I started to watch but I also can't stand Vincent D'Onofrio and stopped completely. I'm truly upset about the news that the original is being cancelled. I never thought that would happen. Well, all good things must come to an end. And I heard of a new series based out of LA. But it's still sad that it's over.
  3. hey megan. you could do a search in the DIY projects section of the website. there are tons of ideas that brides have posted, i'm sure you'll get inspired by something. btw, i just realized that your wedding is a day after mine! yay!!!
  4. I purchased a cute little dress from Express and wanted to post a picture of it but they no longer have it at the website. It's cream colored, with a ruffled skirt, and it hits right above the knee. I'm also a teeny tiny bride, barely 5 feet tall and about 95 pounds, so I know what it's like trying to find clothes that fit well.
  5. So I fly out in 1 short week and I'm still working on DIY projects. Talk about cutting it close. One of the reasons it's this close was because I couldn't find a specific template for my antibacterial gels. After looking through the forum and not finding it I decided to do my own. It couldn't have been that difficult, I thought, and I was right. I made the template on powerpoint and I attached it in any case any of you ladies would like to sample it yourselves as well. It fits the antibacterial pocketbac sold at bath & body works. I got the inspiration from everyone on the forum, everyone is so motivated to do these DIY projects. I am also attaching a picture of my 'test subject'. I want to print it on clear sticker paper, but FI thinks it would look fine as it is. What do you all think? and a not so dark picture... pocketbac template blank.ppt
  6. Your invites look great, Jenny! Good job, but I hear ya about the DIY projects. Your first one looks amazing. Don't stop there.
  7. Courtney, you've definitely come to the right place. You'll get tons of info here on the site, and lots of useful advice as well. Happy Planning!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jcruzin76 OMG...those are sooo cute! I too did not want to do the traditional pillow, so I purchased little pouches, one symbolizes a brides dress and the other a tuxedo. The rings are placed in them and held by the ring bearer down the aisle, but I'm actually reconsidering now and may actually do something like yours! Love it! That sounds just adorable. Can you post a pic? I don't think I've seen that.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by SouthernSweetie Love it! Now you have to post the how to, where to find, and how much! LOL!!! It was surprisingly easy to do. We purchased a hot glue gun and the ribbon from Michael's and the seashells and starfish came from qualityshells.com. The shells and starfish came out to $8.21, most of which was just shipping. We ordered a variety of tiny shells which were placed around the bigger seashell. The starfish we placed in the middle because we would have no where else to place the rings. And the ribbon was also glued on to have that nice touch of blue. All in all, we were very excited as to how it came out, and no more than $15 was spent.
  10. Hello everyone. So I wanted to be able to have something DIY for my wedding and since I have no creative juices at all, I thought this would be the easiest thing to do. I really didn't want to go with the traditional ring pillow, so after getting ideas from the forum, FI and I made our own ring shell. To be honest, he did most of the work, I just told him my vision, LOL. What do you all think?
  11. Dallas Dazzle-Fire I'm upset it's not as funny as everyone else's, LOL. It sounds like it could be the name of a store in Texas.
  12. we're planning on having a harpist during the ceremony. she sent us a list of the songs most popular with brides, but i already know that i want 'somewhere over the rainbow'. i start crying the minute i hear it, no matter where i am or how it's played and i know i'll be crying all the way down the aisle, but it's such a beatiful song. just reading about all the songs you ladies are planning to have makes me a little teary-eyed... i'm just a big baby... they are all so beatiful and filled with so much meaning.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by RCBlondie I have searched high and low but have not found it yet. Think it was probably a custom topper. I am still learning the in's and out's of these cake toppers but does anyone know if you have to get an edible one? Sorry if this is a silly question I didn't even know you could get an edible one, that's cute. Like MichelleS, I also want to get the one letter monogram with the Swarovski crystals but they are a bit expensive. We were thinking of getting three characters (M & L) but that would be even more. Good luck finding your topper, and when you do please post a pic. It sounds truly adorable.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by jplovesme Where do you all shop for smaller sizes? I'm stuck with Banana Republic and Ann Taylor for now... I also shop at Banana Republic, the petite section, and Express also makes pants in short sizes and tops in xxs and xs, which is a huge help. my FI made fun of my size at express because it was a 2 short, and i felt like that's the story of my life, lol. i don't even fit into a 2 anymore, it's gone down to a 0short and sometimes a 00short.
  15. oh, those are so pretty. i love them! stupid tiny feet!!! i wear a 5. good luck though. i'm pretty sure someone's going to buy them in a heartbeat!
  16. I just got off the phone with AA and the lady told me that my wedding dress would be considered my carry on, which I didn't want because there is quite a few things that I wanted to carry separately. Then I asked about storage and she plainly said that it would have to get stored in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of me! The horror!!! LOL I'm hoping that on our flight we have nice, understanding flight attendants that wouldn't mind storing the dress in a closet. That and no other brides, LOL.
  17. I could definitely relate. Going dress shopping was so stressful. Whatever dress I tried on had to be held by the girl helping me because the giant clips couldn't hold together that much fabric, LOL. And then the dress was ridicously long, OMG! I finally chose my dress and at my first fitting they had to take so long taking the measurements for the hem because of the excess fabric. I think my dress was a size of 2. Being barely 5 feet tall sometimes isn't so fun.
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by finleys7 Cara - I completely agree. I am in a traditional dress. But it's Tafetta and very light, with a simple look. Here is a pic =) Shannon, your dress is amazing. I love how it looks on you! I also decided to go with a poufy, ball gown type dress. I want to feel like a princessy bride, even at the beach, LOL.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by CristiandJamie Hello, I have chosen the Sapphire wedding package for our wedding and I'm wanting to know if there are any brides that got married at one of the palace resorts that picked the Sapphire package as well? I'm trying to get an idea of what the wedding will look like and wanted to see if anyone had pictures? If so, could you post some pictures of what the gazebo looked like and the decorations? Any help is welcomed! Cristi Hi, Christi. I am also an Aventura Palace bride who also chose the Sapphire package, great minds think alike, LOL. My wedding is a month right before yours and I'm starting to get antsy about everything. I have been in contact with Dulce regarding decor and such and she has been able to send me a couple of PDF files showing pictures of the options they have to offer. Who's your WC? Also, are you having it on the adult side of the resort? I have a couple of kids attending, so I'll be over at the Cove side.
  20. very cute and they are going to be oh so useful after the wedding. that's the one thing i'm dreading... giving cute favors but instead they would be gathering dust on everyone's mantel.
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by CristiandJamie Attached is the Spa Salon menu for 2010. Thank you so much for posting this on the site. It's super helpful!
  22. My mom and I also started the search for what she's going to wear... and we are pretty much at square one. I'll have her look through some of the dresses on here and she should start getting some inspiration. Thanks to everyone for posting what their mom's are wearing. They all looked amazing.
  23. Destination Wedding Photographer for Cancun and Riviera Maya and the rest of the World We are going with Sascha Gluck. His work is absolutely amazing. There are lots of threads in the forum that list different photogs. Try a search and you'll see just how many you'll get. Good luck!
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