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Symbolic Cermony Wording?

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Originally Posted by FutureMrsRell View Post
When some close friends of ours got married, they didn't say their own vows but they did say something... they each said "I knew I loved you when...." They each said three things. It was blended really well with the vows/ceremony. Everyone was crying because it was so sweet. I remember one of the brides was "I knew I loved you when you slept on the waiting room floor when my dad was dieing in the hospital" This idea just might have to be my "Something Borrowed"... I love it. =)
I'm taking notes!! Sounds like a real tear jerker

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Lots of great tips for my symbolic ceremony. I was wondering if you might be able to past the message from Pastor York into a message, for some reason I am unable to download it.


Beautiful ideas here!

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